Gak Monoton, Kamu Juga Bisa Coba 7 Cara Ini untuk ‘Nembak’ Cewek

For those of you who are looking for a partner or who are going through the PDKT period and feel that they are compatible with him, of course you are thinking of ways to express your feelings or shoot.

Actually there are various ways that you can try to express your feelings to him. Starting from the usual way to the anti-mainstream.

But these anti-mainstream methods are usually chosen because they are considered more memorable for some people.

Reported from lifehacks, There are 7 ways you can try to shoot the girl you love, what are they?

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1. Providing assistance

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It sounds simple, but believe me giving him a hand before shooting will be very effective.

This method is also quite rarely done by people. Try to be someone who often lends a helping hand.

If you feel that the other person is giving you a good ‘signal’ to reciprocate your feelings, you can express your feelings to him.

2. Cook her favorite food

7 Ways to 'Shoot' Anti Mainstream Girls

(photo: unsplash / soroushkarimi)

Ask what food he likes the most, find the recipe and try to cook his own favorite food.

Give him the dish and express your feelings. Do not assume that the food you cook is not delicious, because he will see your business more than the taste of the food.

Did you know that food has the power to unite feelings? Therefore, try to cook food for him as a sign that you really love him.

3. Ask to leave suddenly

7 Ways to 'Shoot' Anti Mainstream Girls

(photo: unsplash/alexiby)

Asking him to go away with a predetermined time alone does feel boring, doesn’t it.

But try to invite him to go suddenly. Maybe at first he will feel bored and even annoyed.

But after he knows that your intention and purpose in asking him to go is to express your feelings, of course his heart will feel so happy that his anger and frustration will disappear.

4. Follow the activities he likes

7 Ways to 'Shoot' Anti Mainstream Girls

(photo: unsplash/evertonvila)

Everyone certainly has some activities that they like, so does he. Even if you don’t like or are interested in activities that he likes, it never hurts to try to follow his activities.

Even though it feels strange and you are not enthusiastic, you must do all of this for the sake of expressing your memorable feelings that you will later share with him.

Of course, if you follow activities that he likes, he will feel that you really appreciate and are serious about him.

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5. On birthday

7 Ways to 'Shoot' Anti Mainstream Girls

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Birthdays are always eagerly awaited because at this special moment there are new hopes.

Expressing feelings on his birthday is a very appropriate choice. Because birthdays are always considered special days, special moments will increase because you express your feelings.

When is the right time to express feelings on his birthday? Preferably at 12 pm, because it will seem more romantic.

6. Give meaningful gifts

7 Ways to 'Shoot' Anti Mainstream Girls

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Flowers, chocolates, rings or clothes are usually given when shooting girls. You can give gifts that are anti-mainstream but still meaningful.

For example piggy banks, cups, plates, blankets and others. Do not forget to give a letter with sweet words in the gift so that the impression is more romantic.

After giving the gift, you can shoot with the words that you have thought carefully.

7. Chat like friends

7 Ways to 'Shoot' Anti Mainstream Girls

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Usually shoot girls with romantic and serious words. Well, let’s try to express your feelings to him with a chat like a friend who remains relaxed but serious.

After that you can tell since when you have feelings for him, the reason for expressing feelings and about the future for both of you.

What if it is rejected? It doesn’t matter, the important thing is that you’ve tried to express your feelings. Surely after expressing your feelings, your heart will be much more relieved right?