Frugal Living, Gaya Hidup Millenial di Masa Krisis

What comes to your mind when you hear the term frugal life? Maybe for some people, this term is still a bit foreign.

But getting here, there are indeed many terms that are pinned to young people or more often called the millennial generation.

In simple terms, the term frugal life is a frugal lifestyle that is applied by someone to be more reliable in managing finances. The goal is to survive, even in times of crisis.

When living it, then someone is expected to know how much money they have and how much they spend each month.

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Even though it’s thrifty, it’s a lifestyle frugal life not mean stingy, yes!

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Don’t get me wrong, frugal living doesn’t mean being stingy. In fact, many people think that being frugal and being stingy is a thin line.

In fact, being frugal does not mean ignoring your needs and wants, but rather being more careful when considering certain expenses.

For example, you are given two choices of brands in buying shoes. The first option is very cheap, but easily damaged. Meanwhile, the second choice of shoes is more expensive, but is guaranteed to be durable and of good quality.

If you have principles frugal living, definitely the second choice of shoes that you take.

By buying items that are slightly more expensive, we can extend the useful life of shoes because they are durable. Indirectly, we save a lot of money.

No need to be prestige and prioritize needs over wants

Getting to know Frugal Living, a Millennial Lifestyle in Crisis

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In everyday life, you will definitely meet many people who buy things for the sake of social status. In fact, the item is not so important and also not a necessity.

For example, buying lipstick for millions when the income is not much. Maybe buy clothes or string but only to impress others.

As a result, spending swells just because of pursuing social status or wanting to be recognized by the surrounding environment. If you want finances to be maintained, prioritize needs. No need to be prestige to live frugally and modestly.

Because, we live for ourselves, not for others. No need to live up to other people’s expectations by buying expensive things. Remember, everyone’s standard of living is different.

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Make sure to manage your finances so that cash flow no mess

Getting to know Frugal Living, a Millennial Lifestyle in Crisis

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Managing finances is important. Because you know where your money is going. You can start by making a financial budget.

That way, you can check the flow of income and expenses every month. There are many methods now to choose from. Ranging from the traditional to the detailed and sophisticated.

How about lazy to take notes in a notebook? Don’t worry, in this digital era, there are many free financial applications that you can use.

You can download it on Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store. There are many applications that can help you manage your finances.

Always record discount information so that your wallet doesn’t die for shopping

Get to know Frugal Living, a Millennial Lifestyle in Crisis

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After understanding further, apply frugal life does not mean life is difficult to save expenses. However, everything must be calculated wisely and carefully.

So that all your needs and desires are met, you can record important dates for discounts in various market. Thus, you can save money in such a way.

Another way, you can start reducing the habit of hanging out at cafe hits or snacking every day. From the first 2 times a day may be reduced to once a day, then gradually reduced.

Sometimes there are simple things that if routinely done become positive habits and have an important impact on the future and deal with crises wisely. So how, are you ready to live frugal life?