Fenomena Gaslighting, Sikap Manipulatif dalam Hubungan Tidak Sehat

Maybe you’ve often heard about the term toxic relationship or unhealthy relationships. Unhealthy relationships can be caused by certain things, such as phenomena gas lamp.

Someone who does gas lamp tend to be manipulative and full of complicated tactics and make their partners as victims.

The form of the perpetrator’s manipulative attitude gas lamp can make someone who is his partner weak and question himself.

Gas lighting it can also be in the form of an attitude of abusing power because they want to dominate others.

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Term gas lamp initially became popular because of a movie title

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Basically, gas lamp is one person’s tactic to control another. Other people who become victims so doubt themselves.

It turns out that this phenomenon is not new, because it has started to be popularized by a film title gas lamp which aired in the 1940s.

in the movie gas lamp. there is a husband character with a cunning nature who manipulates his wife. The husband makes some changes in his environment and makes his wife believe that he is crazy.

Not only does he disrupt the environment and convince his wife that she is insane, the husband abuses, controls, and separates her from friends and family.

As a result, the wife is constantly questioning herself about her feelings, views, and memories. As a victim gas lampwife is increasingly uncomfortable with life.

Gas lighting can happen to anyone and pose a risk to mental health

Gaslighting Phenomenon, Manipulative Attitude in Unhealthy Relationships

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Psychologists agree that this phenomenon often afflicts people who lack self-confidence or who find it difficult to say no.

But the person who could potentially do it could be anyone. Not only partners, but also maybe bosses, friends, famous people, to Netizens the unknown can do gas lamp.

The perpetrator is very likely to have a psychological disorder narcissistic personality disorder that makes them feel like the most important person and do not admit fault.

But, what is popular is a phenomenon gas lamp on unhealthy romantic relationships.

Because it is dangerous for a person’s mentality, victims can experience anxiety, insecurity (insecurity), even to depression.

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The culprit likes to deny and twist the facts to defend himself

Gaslighting Phenomenon, Manipulative Attitude in Unhealthy Relationships

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Stephanie A. Sarkis Ph.D. in his book Gaslighting: Recognize Manipulative People and Emotional Harassment and Free Yourselfhave mentioned some of the characteristics of the perpetrators gas lamp.

One of them is the attitude of distorting facts and intentional lies.

Ranging from trivial things to big things, the perpetrator will tend to lie easily and continuously instill doubts in other people who are victims.

For example, related to risk or responsibility, the perpetrator as much as possible will deny it by defending himself as a false testimony.

Moreover, if his demeanor is quite calm and has authority, other people will be easily influenced by his lies.

When the victim overreacts, the perpetrator will tend to pretend that he doesn’t understand and doesn’t want to listen to other people’s opinions.

Psychological effects of phenomena gas lamp it is fatal, so it needs to be cured

Gaslighting Phenomenon, Manipulative Attitude in Unhealthy Relationships

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Consciously or not, the effect is dangerous and fatal to the victim’s mental condition. Not only for a moment, but it will also be so long that the culprit himself doesn’t remember it.

Due to being in intimidated situations too often, the victim gas lamp in the case of an unhealthy relationship it will be difficult to open up to new things.

The emotional trauma felt can affect their daily lives.

Therefore, the effect of gas lamp need to be cured. Reported from psychology today, the best way to recover after becoming a victim is to learn to be aware of the pattern of action or of the person who is the perpetrator.

The goal is to be objective and not easily exploited by others.

For example, the perpetrator accuses his partner of lying, it is most likely that the perpetrator himself often lies.

To restore self-confidence to the victim, you also need the support of the closest person who understands or even if you need to come to a professional psychologist.

Such is the phenomenon gas lamp that takes place in an unhealthy relationship. May we all be spared from all forms gas lamp.