Apa itu Eccedentesiast? Kenali 7 Tanda-Tandanya

Have you ever seen a friend or people around you so cheerful? not just a day, but every day always feel happy and happy. There was not even the slightest hint of sadness painted on his face.

But, did you know that the cheerful face was actually not real or pretended? The happiness that is always shown seems to be only a shield to cover his sadness.

Yes, there must be people around you who often do it, or maybe you yourself. If so, then you are an eccedentiast.

So, what is an ecendetesiast? Maybe the term is still quite foreign to the ear.

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What is an eccedentsiast?

Eccedentsiast is a term for someone who often pretends to be happy to cover up his sadness. Usually, he does it because he feels hopeless about what is happening in his life.

an eccedentsiast also felt that the sadness he was feeling was already at a high level. Especially if he doesn’t have anyone to pour out all his vengeful feelings to.

In the end, he could only pretend to be happy like there was no sadness in his heart. Is Eccedentsiast a hypocrite? Of course not.

Because, he just wants to hide his sad and down feelings behind his fake happy face. For more details, here are the signs of an eccedentsiast, including:

Recognize the 7 signs of an eccedentsiast

1. Always feel fine

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The first signs of an eccedentsiast is that he always feels fine despite the many problems he faces.

Trying to be a person who is always okay is not easy, because it is not only lying to others but also to yourself.

However, an eccedentsiast could do it easily. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to ask other people for help, or doesn’t trust the people around him to vent all the problems he faces.

However, he just didn’t want to make other people feel bad about it.

Another reason is that he doesn’t know who to turn to for help and where to start? For that, they choose to hide it by pretending to be happy.

2. Prefers to do everything himself

What is Eccedentsiast?  Recognize the Signs

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An eccedential always bears his own sorrow. He doesn’t want to bother other people. As a result, he becomes an independent person who prefers to do everything himself.

Every problem that comes, he always faces and solves it in his own way. In fact, he felt that only he could handle it.

Again, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t trust other people, but it has become a habit that makes him feel more capable of dealing with any problems that come his way.

The positive thing that can be taken is that an eccedentsiast has a high level of optimism. He always instills a sense of fineness in his heart and feelings whenever there is a problem.

3. Always look happy

What is Eccedentsiast?  Recognize the Signs

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The most easily recognizable sign of an eccedentsiast is always looking happy, and being a cheerful person. In fact, it was all just a fake happiness that he created to cover his sadness.

Happy facial expressions are always shown every day in front of other people. But the truth is that behind her smile and laughter, she cries because of the wounds and pain in her heart

He tries not to show it so that others don’t feel the same way. He just felt it.

4. Free to do whatever you like

What is Eccedentsiast?  Recognize the Signs

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As explained earlier that an eccedentsiast prefers to do things alone so that he is trained to be an independent person.

He also feels free to do whatever he likes without having to think about all the bad possibilities that will happen in the future.

Usually he does it from his heart. This is because of his habit of always listening and following his heart every time he faces a problem.

Not only that, another reason they like to do whatever they like is to seek pleasure so that their wounds and hurt can be healed.

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5. Sometimes shows his sadness

Sometimes shows his sadness

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An eccedentsiast doesn’t just pretend to be happy to cover up his sadness.

However, there are times when they will show their sadness in front of other people, but they will not show it face-to-face but only through facial expressions.

Usually, he does this because he feels very lonely and wants to have a friend to lean on.

He felt he could no longer deal with it on his own, so he tried to show it to those around him.

If he shows a sad expression to other people and the person is sensitive, then he will feel very happy.

Then, he will try to tell all the problems he is facing and wait for a good response from people he trusts.

However, if the person he shows is insensitive and doesn’t start to ask questions, then he will keep it to himself in his heart.

6. There is a change in appetite

There is a change in appetite

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Pretending to be happy is quite tiring, because we oppose the feelings we actually feel, namely hurt and hurt. Likewise experienced by an eccedentsiast.

As a result, he will experience changes in appetite. Some people have no appetite, some want to eat continuously, so that it will cause changes in body weight.

This condition will not make an eccedentsiast feel restless. Because, there is the main thing he has to do, which is to cover up his sadness and pretend to be happy.

7. Loss of interest in activities

Loss of interest in activities

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An eccedentsiast will do any activity based on the will of the heart. He feels free to do whatever he can as long as it makes him happy.

However, he will lose interest in doing things other than what he enjoys. In fact, it could be very important to do.

This happens because he is afraid of making mistakes that will hurt other people.

He also does not want to burden others when he is not able to do these activities. So, he chose not to do it at all.

Being an eccedentiate isn’t bad. Because there are still positive sides that you can get, such as a high sense of sympathy and empathy for other people.

This is because an eccedentsiast does not want to see the person he loves feel sad, so he will cheer him up no matter what.

In addition, you can also feel strong and strong in dealing with all problems and solving them yourself without making other people feel bothered.

Lastly, being an eccedentsiast is also free from gossip from others. Because they don’t know what problem you’re facing, so they don’t have anything to talk about.

The final word

Thus the explanation of the eccedentsiast and its signs. If you are able to hide all your problems and sorrows, then it’s okay for you to choose to be an eccedentsiast.

However, if you can’t afford it, then find the right person to express it.

Don’t try to solve the problem yourself, and don’t try to keep it under wraps if you can’t.

Because, it will make you feel lonely and can trigger a sense of stress which eventually leads to depression.