6 Diet Sehat yang Terbukti Ampuh Menurunkan Berat Badan

Healthy diet – Almost everyone, especially women crave a slim body with an ideal body weight. Unfortunately, the slim body they crave is not easy to get.

It takes a pretty hard effort to get it, namely through diet and regular exercise.

As we know that exercise is one powerful way to help reduce calories in the body so that it makes the body look slim and ideal.

However, exercise alone is not enough if it is not balanced with diet. Diet itself is an attempt to lose weight by reducing food portions and replacing fatty foods with healthier foods.

Most people go on a diet with the aim of losing weight. However, not a few of them still choose the wrong diet pattern.

Many of them apply the wrong diet, aka a strict diet that can actually torture the body and cause bad risks to health. One of them is by not eating at all and only drinking water.

There are also those who go on a diet by forgetting the intake of important nutrients for body health.

Because, they believe that by not putting food into the body, the body will lose weight and the body will become slim.

Not infrequently the diet they do actually tortures themselves by causing several bad things such as anorexia, malnutrition, and others.

They forget, that the right diet is a healthy diet without torturing yourself. Said to be a healthy diet is a diet that still allows eating but in small portions and contains important nutrients.

There are several kinds of healthy diets that are effective in losing weight without having to torture yourself. If you want to lose weight, you can try one of the following diets.

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1. Paleo diet

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The first healthy diet is the paleo diet. The paleo diet is also known as the caveman diet. Because, this diet is inspired by the way cavemen ate who lived in prehistoric or paleolithic times.

In other words, the paleo diet uses the way humans ate in ancient times, which is considered a diet that is in accordance with the design pattern of the human body.

The beginning of this healthy diet was created because of the assumption that various diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, and heart disease arise due to unhealthy eating patterns carried out by modern society.

The paleo diet recommends the perpetrators to eat the types of food consumed by prehistoric humans such as meat from hunting, fishing, and natural ingredients obtained from nature.

Meanwhile, the types of foods that should be avoided are processed foods such as grains, milk, wheat, salt, sugar, and other processed products.

However, this healthy diet does not require discipline like diets in general. We are free to adjust the diet according to our own wishes.

For beginners, it is recommended to undergo this diet in just three days. For four days you are free to eat as usual.

According to a study, the benefits of the paleo diet were not only able to lose weight, but also proved effective for increasing glucose tolerance, controlling blood pressure better, and improving appetite.

However, keep in mind that the paleo diet also has a drawback, namely the disruption of the metabolic system.

If your body’s metabolism does not match this diet, then stop immediately. Because, it can cause bad effects on health, one of which is malnutrition.

2. Diet mayo

6 types of healthy diet proven to be effective in losing weight

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Diet mayo is a diet pattern that was first created by nutritionists at Mayo Clinics.

If other diet patterns focus on how to lose weight in a short time, the mayo diet actually has a different goal, namely to regulate healthy eating patterns in the long term.

In other words, not only is it able to lose weight, but this diet can provide many good benefits for the body.

How to do the mayo diet is to change your diet and lifestyle first.

If you previously applied an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, then when doing the mayo diet, that lifestyle must be changed to a healthy lifestyle.

In this diet, it is highly recommended to eat vegetables and fruits, as well as other healthy foods such as oatmeal.

Not only adjusting your diet, when applying the mayo diet you are required to be active by exercising regularly for maximum results.

There are two stages of results that will be obtained when applying the mayo diet, namely in the first two weeks your weight will decrease by about two to four kilograms.

Then on the following Sunday, your weight will decrease gradually, which is about 0.5 kilograms every Sunday.

The advantages that you will get when running the mayo diet are weight loss. In addition, another advantage that will be obtained is to avoid the risk of dangerous diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

However, this diet also has drawbacks, namely causing disruption of the digestive system because the body is still in the process of adapting to food.

3. Mediterranean diet


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The Mediterranean diet is a type of diet that follows the diet of people in the Mediterranean sea area such as France, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

The types of foods that are recommended in this diet are vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish and olive oil.

In implementing this diet, you only need to adjust your diet such as increasing the consumption of wheat, vegetables and fruit, regularly eating fish every day, reducing meat consumption, and increasing the consumption of fats derived from olive oil or coconut oil.

The Mediterranean diet is proven to be healthy for the heart. This is evidenced in a study which states that eating a Mediterranean diet is quite effective in reducing the risk of heart disease.

In addition, it is also possible to reduce the risk of other dangerous diseases such as cancer, diabetes and others.

However, if you want to lose weight in a short time, it is not recommended to apply this diet pattern.

Because, the Mediterranean diet does not limit the consumption of carbohydrates and sugar, which we know that both types of food are foods that should not be consumed in excess during the weight loss process.

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4. Atkins diet


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The Atkins diet is a diet pattern that avoids excessive consumption of carbohydrates. Because, this diet pattern believes that weight gain is due to excessive consumption of carbohydrates.

The Atkins diet is often referred to as a fun diet because you can still enjoy a variety of delicious menus, such as salmon, tuna, chicken, duck, and so on, except for foods that contain high carbohydrates.

It can be said that when implementing the Atkins diet, you are encouraged to consume more protein so that the fat in the body will disappear in a short time.

Besides being able to lose weight in a short time, this diet also has other advantages, such as increasing muscle strength. Because, the food consumed on this diet is more foods that contain protein.

Not only that, the Atkins diet is also good for heart health. This is because reducing carbohydrate intake can minimize the amount of saturated fat which is a source of heart disease. In addition, sugar and blood levels will slowly decrease.

However, the weakness of this diet is that it interferes with body health such as reduced levels of calcium in the body. This is caused by excessive protein consumption.

5. Vegetarian diet

6 types of healthy diet proven to be effective in losing weight

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Vegetarianism is a very strict diet with not allowed to eat foods of animal origin, including milk and honey.

As with the vegan diet, you should only eat foods that come from plants such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

As we know that the body needs protein intake which usually comes from animal sources.

However, if you are a vegan dieter, then you should be able to work around this by consuming types of plants that contain these nutrients.

Just like any other diet, a vegan diet can help you lose weight. This is evidenced by the results of research which states that a vegan diet is able to melt fat, especially in the abdominal area within two weeks.

Not only that, this diet can also help nourish the heart so that the risk of heart disease is reduced.

This is because the vegan diet does not allow eating meat which we know that meat has the potential to increase cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol can increase the risk of heart disease.

Therefore, consumption of vegetables and fruits that are high in antioxidants, folic acid, and phytochemicals will keep you from these risks.

6. The ketogenic diet

6 types of healthy diet proven to be effective in losing weight

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The ketogenic diet is a way of limiting foods containing carbohydrates to less than 50 grams per day and increasing protein and fat intake.

The similarity between the Ketogenic diet and the Atkins diet is that it does not recommend eating carbohydrates.

The difference is, on the Atkins diet you can still increase your carbohydrate consumption little by little, while on the Ketogenic diet, you are not allowed to eat carbohydrates at all.

The types of foods that can be consumed on this diet are meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, and low-calorie vegetables.

If all dietary patterns recommend increasing the consumption of fruits, it is different from the ketogenic diet which must limit the consumption of fruits because they are considered high in carbohydrates.

The advantages of this diet are able to lose weight, reduce acne, reduce risk factors for heart disease, and help improve insulin sensitivity.

The final word

Well, those are some types of healthy diets that you can choose for the weight loss process.

Actually, the diet is not only to lose weight, but to make the body healthier by avoiding the risk of dangerous diseases.

Choose the right diet, which suits your body pattern. Do not force your body to do a diet that is quite heavy because it can cause bad effects for health.