10 Manfaat Daun Binahong untuk Kesehatan dan Kecantikan

Benefits of Binahong Leaves – Indonesia has various types of plants that have a myriad of benefits, both for beauty, beauty, health, and other benefits.

One type of plant that turns out to have a series of good health benefits is binahong leaves.

Not only for health, apparently this leaf also has good benefits for beauty, especially on facial skin.

Previously, do you know what binahong leaves are? Binahong leaf or is one of the plants that is often used as traditional medicine by people in some areas, because this leaf has many health benefits.

The leaves, which have the Latin name Anredera Cordifolia, have many important ingredients such as vitamin E, iron, protein, calcium, folic acid, flavonoids, and beta carotene which are of course very much needed by the body.

Based on the content of active compounds contained in it, it is not surprising that this leaf is able to provide health and beauty benefits for the body.

What are these benefits? Check out the following explanation.

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1. Appetite enhancer

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Decreased appetite can cause various problems, such as anemia, malnutrition, weakness and other problems.

Therefore, the problem of decreasing appetite should be addressed immediately, one of which is by taking vitamins or traditional medicines made from natural plants.

You can try it with binahong leaves which turns out to have benefits as an appetite enhancer.

The trick is to boil five binahong leaves in two glasses of water. For maximum results, drink boiled water once a day.

2. Overcoming Hemorrhoids

10 Benefits of binahong leaves for health and beauty

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Hemorrhoids is an inflamed condition of the veins around the anus which is characterized by the appearance of a lump near the anus.

Most people who have this disease feel uncomfortable when sitting, because the anus will feel pain.

If hemorrhoids are not treated immediately, they will lead to a more severe condition called hemorrhoids.

If hemorrhoids develop or the lump comes out of the anus, you will be more open as a result because you will feel sore and difficult when you have a bowel movement.

To treat hemorrhoids, you can use binahong leaves which are proven to be effective in dealing with hemorrhoids.

The trick, boil a few leaves. Wait until the water reduces to one glass. Then, drink the boiled water every day until the hemorrhoid heals.

3. Increase energy

10 Benefits of binahong leaves for health and beauty

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Humans need energy in order to be active every day. This energy can be obtained through the food and drinks consumed.

Sometimes, very busy activities can drain energy. Therefore, we need a way to increase energy in order to be able to move again.

One thing you can do to increase your energy is by consuming binahong leaves. Because, this leaf is believed to be able to increase the energy that has been lost due to the density of activity.

The trick, boil two leaves with two glasses of water. Drink boiled water every day on a regular basis.

4. Treating kidney disease

10 Benefits of binahong leaves for health and beauty

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Kidney disease is a dangerous disease caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, one of which is a lack of water consumption.

This disease can become a dangerous and deadly disease if not treated quickly.

If left too long, then the kidneys will be damaged. As a result, weekly dialysis is required, which is quite expensive.

One way that you can do if you contract this disease is to regularly drink a decoction of binahong leaves. Because, binahong leaves are believed to be able to treat kidney disease.

The trick, boil a few leaves in a glass of water. Drink boiled water three times a day.

However, you should still consult with your doctor first, to avoid unwanted side effects.

5. Treating gout

10 Benefits of binahong leaves for health and beauty

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Most people have gout. This disease generally occurs due to excessive consumption of nuts.

When gout attacks, usually the legs will feel sore and often experience tingling. If left too long, these conditions will interfere with activities.

Apparently, binahong leaves are able to treat gout. This is because the flavonoid content in the leaves provides properties to inhibit the formation of uric acid, making it suitable for use as a gout drug.

Boil some leaves. Then, drink the boiled water regularly.

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6. Brighten the skin

10 Benefits of binahong leaves for health and beauty

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Having bright facial skin is the dream of all women. No wonder, if most of them are willing to do the treatment, one of which is by using a face lightening cream.

However, sometimes lightening creams that are claimed to be able to brighten the face, apparently are just a figment. In fact, there is no brightening effect at all. This makes most women feel stressed.

If you are one of these women, then you should not be discouraged anymore. Because, binahong leaves are able to brighten facial skin.

Not only that, this leaf is quite safe to use without significant side effects. You only need to drink boiled water from binahong leaves regularly. Thus, having a bright face that you dream of will come true.

7. Remove blackheads

10 Benefits of binahong leaves for health and beauty

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This little cayenne pepper is quite successful in making women feel stressed and frustrated. The reason is, stubborn blackheads in the area of ​​​​the nose, chin, and cheeks are very disturbing appearance.

How to remove it is quite difficult. Because, when the blackheads are cleaned, a few days later they will reappear.

But, this time there is the right solution to get rid of blackheads, namely by using binahong leaves. This leaf is proven to be able to overcome the problem of even stubborn blackheads.

The trick, boil the leaves of binahong. Then let it cool. After that, wash your face regularly using the boiled water of the leaves.

8. Treating acne

Treating acne

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Similar to blackheads, acne is a problem on the face that is often feared by most women.

Why not? Because acne can make self-confidence decrease. Not only that, if acne is not treated immediately there will be inflammation of the skin.

Therefore, immediately treat acne using binahong leaves which have been proven to be able to treat acne.

Pound the leaves until smooth and make the collision of leaves like a face mask. Use the mask for about 10 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

9. Tighten facial skin

Tighten facial skin

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Who doesn’t want to have a toned and healthy face? A toned, wrinkle-free face is the dream of all women, especially those who have entered quite an adult age.

A powerful and safe way to tighten the face is to use binahong leaves which are actually able to help tighten the face.

The trick, you can drink boiled binahong water that has been cold to help tighten facial skin so that it looks youthful.

10. Smooth the face

Smooth face

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The last benefit of binahong leaves is that it can help smooth the face. Having a smooth face free from breakouts is a special happiness for women.

Binahong leaves can be used as face wash water by boiling 20 pieces of leaves. For maximum results, wash your face using the boiled water twice a day on a regular basis.

The final word

Those are some of the good benefits of binahong leaves for health and beauty. Although the benefits presented are very good, keep in mind that binahong leaves also have side effects that are not good for the health of the body.

Therefore, use binahong leaves wisely and not too much to avoid unwanted risks.

Don’t forget, if you want to use binahong leaves as a medicine for a serious illness, you should first consult a doctor or health expert.