Cukup di Rumah, Ini 3 Rahasia Kecantikan ala Cewek Korea

Since Korean fever entered Indonesia and has now become a lifestyle, especially for women, it is not uncommon for some of them to finally follow suit, starting from their food, hairstyle, fashion and appearance.

In fact, which is the current trend, several beauty clinics and make-up professionals have started to offer beauty and make-up packages with Korean labels, to attract the interest and attention of some women.

Maybe for those who have more funds, this is an alternative that brings benefits, because they don’t have to bother.

However, for those who do not have more funds, of course, have to think twice. However, the dream of having white skin, a beautiful face in the style of a Korean girl, is of course the dream of all women who are definitely Koreanholics.

Take it easy, to get results like this, there is no need for expensive treatments and must be done at a beauty clinic.

Here, the good news, you can still do ways to be beautiful like a Korean girl at home. Curious, right? Here are some things you can do at home.

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1. Take a shower

(photo: unsplash/timothy)

Not only routinely cleaning the face, South Korean girls are also famous for being diligent in taking care of the cleanliness of their body skin by doing a sauna.

Korean people have a routine to take a hot bath at home, with the aim of making the body more relaxed and healthier.

This bath is not just an ordinary bath, but they have a special soaking technique commonly known as “ban-shin-yoks” if translated in Indonesian is “half-half” bathing.

To do this method is not difficult, just make sure at home you have a tub. Then, fill the tub with warm water, the full level is up to the stomach.

Then, soak your body, but don’t get full to the upper body area of ​​the stomach, make sure it’s not wet. The purpose of this technique is to improve blood circulation so that your skin can become healthier.

2. Do a facial massage

These are 3 Secrets of Being Beautiful Korean Girls

(photo: unsplash/antonika)

Giving massage to the face is also one of the beauty secrets of Korean girls. If in general, some women only provide facial skin care products, this technique does not apply to some Korean girls.

Korean women also add massage to the facial skin after giving facial care products. This action also aims to improve circulation and provide treatment for their facial muscles.

There are four types of massage that are very easy for you to do and only take three minutes.

  • Use your thumbs to massage the chin and forehead in a horizontal direction for about 10 seconds by applying light pressure. The goal is to make your muscles more relaxed and also have energy.
  • Press your thumb to the cheek, precisely in the area under the jaw cheek. This movement aims to help smooth blood circulation and the cheek area that is easily sagging can become firmer.
  • Use your thumb to apply pressure under the eyebrows within three seconds. Press up to the bridge of the nose. The goal is to release tension around the eye area and improve blood circulation in that area. But, make sure not to put too much pressure on the eyeball area.
  • Use your four fingers to massage the jaw area. Do massage like you play the piano with up and down movement patterns, for 15 seconds. The goal is to improve blood circulation and make the V-line area firmer. For best results, add serum before massage.

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3. Facial exercise

These are 3 Secrets of Being Beautiful Korean Girls

(photo: unsplash/crystal)

Korean women believe, not only the body that needs exercise but the face also needs exercise. The benefit is to make the skin firmer and have dimensions in every corner of the face.

The exercise is not difficult, you only need to pronounce the vowels A, E, I, O, and U. To get maximum results, do this movement until you can feel the movement of the muscles around your mouth.

Don’t forget, do this movement regularly for three times, in the morning and evening, after you give facial skin care products. The end result is, your face can be softer and also moist.

Those are 3 ways you can do to get naturally beautiful facial skin, like Korean girls. Don’t forget to do it regularly.