Kenali 8 Posisi Cuddle dan Manfaatnya untuk Pasangan

Cuddle Position and Benefits for Couples – Boredom and boredom are often present between partners in a relationship. As a result, the relationship with your partner feels bland and there is no comfort like when it was first built.

Generally, this boredom comes due to several factors, for example a monotonous relationship, an indifferent partner, rarely communicates, and so on.

Therefore, new things are needed to make the relationship more intimate and harmonious, and far from bored. One way that can be done is cuddle.

cuddle is an intimate activity carried out by a partner in the form of a hug accompanied by a warm kiss. This activity is considered quite fun if done with a partner.

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Cuddle position that makes it comfortable

There are several positions cuddle Things you can do with your partner to add harmony to your relationship, including:

1. Position half spoon

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This position is done by the way you hug your partner, listen to him hug you from the side.

Place your head on your partner’s arm, then ask him to hug your shoulder. In addition, you can also sleep on your partner’s chest to feel more intimate.

Position half spoon This can make you and your partner feel warmer because your body positions are close to each other, but still have enough room to be able to move freely.

2. Position the spoon

Get to know the Cuddle Position and its Benefits for Health

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This position is quite popular because it feels more comfortable and intimate. You and your partner only need to sleep on your side or lie on your side.

You act as a little spoon in the front, while your partner acts as a big spoon in the back while hugging you tightly.

This position will feel more comfortable if done in a long enough duration, for example during sleep.

3. Honeymoon hug position

Get to know the Cuddle Position and its Benefits for Health

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For you and your newly married couple, try to do the position cuddle this. Because, as the name suggests, honeymoon hugs often favored by newlyweds, especially during honeymoon.

When doing this position, you and your partner lie on your side and face each other. Don’t forget to make sure that each body part sticks together.

Your partner will hug you tightly and warmly. The sound of the heartbeat and breathing that can be heard will add to the warmth of this position.

To make it more intimate, you and your partner can also kiss each other intimately.

4. Leg hug position

Get to know the Cuddle Position and its Benefits for Health

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This position is perfect for you and your partner who don’t want to hug but still want a comfortable and warm position.

Position leg hug gives you freedom of movement, because in this position only the legs are tied or attached to each other.

You and your partner can also stack your feet together, for example, your feet are in the top position, while your partner’s feet are at the bottom.

5. Position opposite buttocks

Get to know the Cuddle Position and its Benefits for Health

(photo: cuddlesanctuary)

Position cuddle don’t have to hug each other to add warmth. You can also do the opposite buttock position with your partner.

The trick, you just need to lie on your side but in the opposite direction. You point to the right, while your partner is to the left, but with the buttocks touching each other.

However, this position can also provide closeness between you and your partner who wants freedom during sleep.

6. Lying on the partner’s body

on top of partner's body

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According to a study, lying on top of a partner’s body will feel comfortable because they feel close to each other.

The trick, your partner lies on his back while you lie on top of him in a prone position while hugging him warmly.

However, when doing this you should not be too long because your partner who is below will feel tight because your body is being crushed.

7. Position of the hand grip

holding hands

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If you and your partner want to have enough space while sleeping but also want to feel closer, then you can try hugging holding hands aka holding hands.

You just need to hold hands without having to hug or close positions. Take it easy, this position can also make you and your partner feel comfortable and warm.

8. Face to face

face to face

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face to face position is the same as hugging while standing. The difference is, this position is done with a partner in bed, either sitting or sleeping.

The trick, position your body and your partner facing each other while hugging or kissing. Try to keep your body parallel, that is, no one is taller or shorter.

This position indicates that you and your partner really love each other so you don’t want to look away for a second from his face.

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Cuddle benefits

In addition to creating intimacy and harmony, apparently cuddle can also provide other benefits for couples who do it. Some of these benefits include:

1. Relieve stress

Stress is a mental condition that is disturbed due to excessive pressure. If this condition occurs continuously, it will lead to depression.

cuddle It turns out that it can relieve stress because the hormone serotonin, aka the happy hormone, increases significantly, so that a sense of comfort and pleasure is created when doing it.

A study conducted on several participants proved that participants who received cuddle able to deal with stressors.

Therefore, when stress starts to attack, it is recommended to do cuddle with a partner to calm down a bit.

2. Sleep quality is getting better

Feel comfortable when sleeping in a position cuddle It can also improve the quality of your sleep.

This is caused by increased levels of the hormone oxytocin when doing exercise cuddle with a partner. This hormone causes a person to fall asleep faster and fall asleep.

In fact, this statement is confirmed by a study which states that a hug from a partner before bed can have a positive effect on their sleep.

3. Reduce pain

When you experience pain in the form of physical or non-physical, then you should do it cuddle with a partner. This is because these activities have been shown to be effective in reducing pain.

This is because a warm hug can block the pain from reaching the brain and help you get through it. Especially, cuddle can improve the quality of sleep so that your sleep is returned more soundly.

4. Boost the immune system

A good immune system, aka good immunity, is needed to prevent the body from being attacked by various diseases.

Apparently, doing cuddle regularly can reduce the risk of exposure to viruses that cause diseases such as the flu. This is because cuddle able to increase the immune system so that it is able to fight viruses and bacteria that will enter.

5. Helps speed up digestion

cuddle regularly can help improve digestion. The reason is, the hormone oxytocin produced is able to improve the quality of sleep more soundly, it turns out that the body can also digest food.

It can be concluded that the more you do cuddle With a partner, the hormone oxytocin produced also increases. Thus, your digestive system will be smoother.

The final word

Those are some positions and benefits cuddle that can be done with a partner. Besides being able to add harmony and intimacy in a relationship, cuddle can also provide good benefits for health.

Therefore, take the time to share feelings of love through cuddle with a partner. This can make your relationship far from bored or bored.