10 Cara Menghilangkan Mata Panda, Bisa Dicoba di Rumah

How to get rid of panda eyes – Office work piling up inevitably makes us have to always stare at the computer or laptop screen.

Coupled with our habit of playing cellphones until late at night, so that it makes our eyes experience a few problems, one of which is panda eyes.

Panda eye is an eye condition, especially in the area under the eyes that darkens to form a circle, similar to panda eyes.

This condition is caused by bad habits that we often do. Apart from staring too long at a computer screen, laptop, or cellphone. In addition, it can also be caused by a lack of sleep, aka the habit of staying up late.

Although panda eyes are not a big problem for eye health, the presence of dark circles in the eyes can also make the appearance look less than perfect. Thus, it makes us feel less confident.

Have you ever experienced panda eyes? If you experience it, you should follow the following ways to get rid of panda eyes so that it can be resolved easily.

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1. Get enough sleep

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As previously explained, panda eyes can also be caused by the habit of staying up late, so sleep time is reduced.

We know that humans need 6-8 hours of sleep every day. Therefore, if we lack sleep, there will be bad risks for health. Not only panda eyes, but other dangerous diseases will also approach.

Therefore, change your bad habits, especially staying up late. Try to get enough sleep.

Because, when you sleep, the body will repair damaged skin cells so that dark circles will not approach the area under your eyes.

2. Compress with cold water

10 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Panda Eyes, You can Try at Home

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Panda eyes can also be removed by compressing them with cold water or ice water. Cold water is believed to be able to shrink the blood vessels under the eyes, but it can also reduce swelling.

The trick, soak a clean cloth in cold water for 10-15 minutes. Then, squeeze with a little force so that the water does not run out all.

After that, stick it on the eye. Repeat this method until the cloth is no longer cold. To get maximum results, compress the eyes regularly.

3. Compress using an old tea bag

10 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Panda Eyes, You can Try at Home

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If you’ve been throwing away tea bags after brewing them, then stop doing it from now on. Because you can use used tea bags to treat panda eyes.

Just like cold water, tea bags can also be used to compress the eyes that are experiencing dark circles on the eyes.

The content of caffeine which has antioxidants in it can improve blood circulation in the area under the eyes.

The trick, used steeping tea is cooled first. If necessary, refrigerate for a few minutes. Once cool, place it on the top of the eye.

4. Using cucumber

10 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Panda Eyes, You can Try at Home

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This method may be familiar, because almost some people use cucumber to get rid of panda eyes. They believe that cucumbers can get over it quickly.

The high water and vitamin C content in cucumbers can make the skin feel moisturised. Not only that, cucumber also contains silica which is believed to be effective in repairing skin tissue, especially in the area under the eyes.

The trick, thin slices of cucumber to form a circle as much as two pieces. Then, stick it on the left and right eyes. Wait for a few minutes.

5. Use lemon

10 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Panda Eyes, You can Try at Home

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Just like using cucumber, you can also use lemon as an eye mask to get rid of panda eyes.

This is because, lemon contains very high vitamin C which is good for maintaining a healthy body and skin.

The trick, squeeze the lemon to remove the water. Then, apply the lemon juice directly to the under-eye area. However, do so carefully so as not to get in the eyes.

Alternatively, dip a cotton swab in lemon juice. After that, put the cotton on the eye and wait for a few minutes. Do this method 2-3 times a day to get satisfactory results.

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6. Reduce consumption of caffeinated drinks

10 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Panda Eyes, You can Try at Home

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Although caffeine contains antioxidants that are good for dealing with panda eyes, you must pay attention to good levels for consumption.

The reason is, caffeine in beverages such as coffee and tea if consumed in excess can have a bad effect on health. The mild effect caused is that it can keep you awake so you don’t get enough rest.

When you don’t get enough sleep, other problems will arise, one of which is panda eyes. Eye circles that are not immediately removed will make your appearance less attractive.

Therefore, reduce the consumption of caffeinated drinks and switch to consuming lots of water. Because, water is very good for health.

7. Using beauty products

10 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Panda Eyes, You can Try at Home

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If the natural methods above still can’t solve the problem of panda eyes that you are experiencing, you can switch to using special beauty products to get rid of problems with eye circles.

Usually, there are many choices of eye serum from various products that are claimed to be effective in dealing with panda eye problems.

As we know, that serum is one of the skin care products that has a higher success rate because it can absorb easily.

However, it should be noted that you should be more careful in choosing these products. The reason is, if you don’t match the beauty product you buy, it will most likely be a bad risk for your eye condition.

For that, check the active ingredients contained in the beauty product you want to use.

8. Drink lots of water

Drink more water

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Water is a magic potion that has a myriad of benefits for the health of the body, one of which is getting rid of panda eyes.

This is because water can meet the fluids in the body, considering that one of the causes of panda eyes is a lack of fluids.

Drink enough water, which is at least 8 glasses every day. In addition to panda eyes can disappear, you will also get a healthy body.

9. Use make-up

wear make-up

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In addition to using skin care products such as eye serum, you can also overcome the problem of panda eyes by using make-up.

However, this method is not to eliminate, but only as a trick to cover it up.

You can use advisor which is applied thinly to the panda eye area. In addition, you can also use powder or base so that the panda eyes are covered perfectly.

10. Do eye treatment to a beauty doctor

beauty doctor

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If all natural methods and the use of make-up products do not work to overcome the panda eye problem you are experiencing, you should do special treatment at a beauty clinic that is handled directly by an expert.

There are many kinds of eye treatments that you can choose from, including lasers that are believed to be effective in tightening the skin, fillets to hide blood vessels and melanin that causes black eye area, and many other forms of treatment.

The final word

Well, those are some powerful ways to get rid of panda eyes. This method will be very effective if you balance it with strenuous activities such as sports and eating nutritious foods.

Avoid the bad habit of staying up late that has no benefits. Because, apart from causing eye problems, staying up late can also have a bad effect on your health.