Begini Cara Mengecek BPOM Kosmetik Asli atau Palsu

Recently, the development of digital technology has made everything easier. Virtual world interactions are no longer limited to exchanging messages with friends. Now, you can even make buying and selling transactions online.

One product that is quite often traded online is cosmetics. The price offered is also relatively cheap compared to product prices in conventional outlets.

Unfortunately, prices that tend to be below the normal market sometimes make buyers wonder about the authenticity of the product.

The BPOM registration number is a tool that you can use to check the authenticity of a product. Here are the steps you can follow to check the BPOM for genuine or fake cosmetics.

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Check the product registration number on the official BPOM website

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Products that have passed the trials and obtained distribution permits will of course be registered on the official website of the Food and Drug Administration of the Republic of Indonesia or BPOM RI.

Checking the product registration number on the official BPOM website is important because it is usually very difficult to find the difference between a genuine product and a counterfeit product.

Counterfeit products often fail to be recognized because the shape, texture, and packaging are very similar to those made by the original manufacturer.

Even these fake products also include a fake BPOM registration number to deceive consumers. Of course, you will not find this BPOM registration number on the official BPOM website itself.

Find product manufacturing date info, name, brand, and packaging variations

Here's How to Check Original or Fake Cosmetic BPOM

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How to check BPOM cosmetics, you have to visit the official BPOM website On the home page of the official BPOM website, you will immediately be greeted with a product search column which is divided into 8 search categories.

You can search by product registration number, product name, product brand, product quantity & packaging, dosage form (eg solid, liquid, or gel), product composition, registrant’s name, even based on the registrant’s NPWP.

In the keyword field, you can type any word related to the search category.

Of course, if the category you choose is based on the product registration number, you have to type a series of numbers listed on your cosmetic packaging.

Information that you can get through a search based on the product registration number category is the date of product manufacture, product brand, product name, product packaging variations, as well as the name of the registrant or the name of the producer company accompanied by the complete address.