Bukan Cengeng, Ternyata Ini 7 Alasan Cowok Menangis

Have you ever heard the term that a boy who cries is a crybaby? That’s not true at all though you know. Everyone has the right to cry, be it a girl or a boy.

Many also think that crying is a weakness that someone shows. And again, this is not the case.

Someone who is sad, happy or even angry can express his feelings through crying. After crying, of course, he will feel more relieved and after some time can think more clearly.

Besides that, there are also some other reasons behind boys crying, what are they?

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1. Losing someone

(photo credit: unsplash/tomsumford)

This is the main reason why guys cry. Losing someone you love is very painful for anyone, be it a girl or a boy.

Someone who is loved like family or lover can indeed cause deep wounds.

It’s no wonder that losing someone this will take a long time for the heart to ‘heal’ again.

2. Loss of pets

Not a crybaby, it turns out that this is the reason guys cry

(photo: unsplash / tranmautritam)

Not only losing family or close friends, men can cry too because it can be caused by the loss of a pet.

As it is known that pets can indeed have a very strong inner bond with humans.

Even humans can consider these pets as friends for life and will feel very hurt if the animal is lost or dies.

3. Get sick

Not a crybaby, it turns out that this is the reason guys cry

(photo credit: unsplash/candidbcolette)

Everyone has experienced pain at some point in their life, be it mild or severe.

If a guy feels his health condition is being disturbed or is in excruciating pain that is unbearable, then it is natural for him to cry.

Pain is difficult to explain, therefore if someone is crying, it means the pain is difficult to bear.

4. Broken heart

Not a crybaby, it turns out that this is the reason guys cry

(photo credit: pixabay/geralt)

After a broken heart for sure for a while you will feel very sad. Especially if you remember the beautiful memories with him.

Heartbreak can be caused by many things. But if a broken heart is felt beyond reasonable limits, then someone is very easy to grieve and even cry, including boys.

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5. Depression

Not a crybaby, it turns out that this is the reason guys cry

(photo: unsplash/tinamosquito)

Did you know that depression can make a person so sad that it drags on? Yes, depression can indeed be caused by various things.

An early sign of someone suffering from depression is crying, moody and can’t even think clearly.

Depression can strike anyone and at any time. Usually a person can easily get depressed if he is in a very serious problem and feels there is no way out anymore.

6. Away from family

Not a crybaby, it turns out that this is the reason guys cry

(photo credit: pixabay/pexels)

You definitely know that family is the most valuable treasure and being close to family is something that cannot be valued with anything.

Especially when you are away from your family for various reasons, such as studying or working out of town, so that it makes you more distant from your family and cannot meet often.

Of course, this incident will make you very sad and less enthusiastic about your activities.

7. Happy

Not a crybaby, it turns out that this is the reason guys cry

(photo credit: unsplash/drewcoffman)

Who says crying is only to express feelings of sadness or anger? Because crying can also express feelings of happiness.

For example, when a guy is married, he will certainly feel very happy and even shed tears.

So don’t be surprised if someone cries, even though he’s feeling happy.

There are many things that can make a person cry. Whether it’s a girl or a boy, it’s okay to cry how come and very human indeed.

That’s the various reasons behind men cry. So a guy cries not because he’s a crybaby, but because there’s something going on in his life.