Ap Body Shaming, Ini Ciri, Dampak Buruk, & Cara Mengatasi

Getting to know Body Shaming All humans on this earth must have their own advantages and disadvantages, both in terms of physical and non-physical.

However, the most obvious are the physical advantages and disadvantages such as fat, thin, high nose, snub nose, short body, tall body, and so on.

There is no problem if one has advantages in physical matters. However, when it comes to deficiencies, body shaming often occurs.

The term body shaming may often be heard in the real world and on social media. So what is body shaming?

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What is body shaming?

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Body shaming is an act of physically reproaching someone who has a deficiency either directly or indirectly.

Generally, body shaming is used to insult someone’s physical flaws regardless of how they feel.

This action is often done by someone who considers himself the most perfect and does not have the slightest physical flaws, even though all humans in the world have advantages and disadvantages, without exception.

They didn’t know that this action could hurt someone’s feelings.

Not only that, someone who gets this treatment will also feel stressed, even worse, it can make them experience mental illness.

It is possible, if the mental illness is not immediately eliminated, something even worse can happen, namely suicide.

Characteristics of body shaming behavior

Characteristics of Body Shaming, Bad Impacts and How to Overcome It

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A person who is very fond of doing disgraceful acts, sometimes does not realize that his actions fall into the category of body shaming.

They think that these words are just for fun and play, even though it hurts other people.

Not only that, a body shaming actor often makes fun of other people’s physical form accompanied by laughter which they think is just a joke to lighten the mood.

They do not know that the joke is a painful act.

Not a few perpetrators also let other people comment on someone’s physique in front of him. Even though it doesn’t say a single word, it’s also included in the body shaming category.

The impact of body shaming


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Maybe you are someone who has done body shaming against other people, especially those closest to you without you knowing it.

For that try to stop doing it. Because, this action can have a bad impact on someone who gets treatment.

1. Self-confidence decreases

The first impact that will affect the victim is a decrease in self-confidence.

Confidence is needed in one’s life, because something that is done will not run smoothly if it is not done with high self-confidence.

When someone has a physical deficiency, he will lose confidence, and fear being underestimated by others.

Especially if you get body shaming treatment from other people or those closest to you, then your self-confidence will decrease.

If left unchecked, victims who lose their self-confidence will always blame their own physical form, even blame the fate given by the creator.

Therefore, as the closest person, we must always increase the confidence of our loved ones and stop doing this act.

2. Causes depression

Besides being able to cause a decrease in self-confidence, body shaming or bad comments about physical appearance can also cause depression.

How come? After struggling to take care of yourself and covering up physical deficiencies, but still getting bad comments, of course it will result in shame to depression.

A study revealed that someone who is depressed will do dangerous things to cover up his shame.

3. Eat more

Getting negative comments about the physical continuously can make the mind become more stressed.

As a result, excessive appetite arises and always wants to eat when the mind is frantic.

This leads to weight gain, and even worse can lead to obesity.

A study proves that someone who is experiencing stress due to problems piling up, can trigger obesity because they think only food can understand their feelings.

4. Social phobia

Social phobia is another term for social anxiety that is felt by someone after getting bad comments from other people, especially bad comments on the physical.

This causes the victim to isolate himself and does not want to meet other people.

He will avoid social interactions and prefer to remain indoors. The reason is, they are afraid of getting body shaming treatment if they meet other people.

5. Feeling lonely

When someone receives body shaming treatment, he will feel that no one, not even himself, wants to support him.

This causes a feeling of loneliness that arises in him because he feels that he does not deserve to be with anyone because of his physical shortcomings.

6. Hurt yourself

The worst impact when someone gets body shaming treatment is hurting themselves, both consciously and unconsciously.

Feelings of depression, social phobia, loneliness, and decreased self-confidence can cause victims to be desperate to do dangerous things that can hurt themselves.

In fact, a more serious action is deciding to end one’s life, aka suicide.

This is because, the shame that constantly haunts their minds due to their physical imperfections. Thus, suicide is considered the right solution to escape the shame.

From some of the bad effects above, it can be concluded that body shaming is a bad behavior that can cause other people’s lives to suffer.

Not only that, these actions can make other people desperate to end their lives in vain.

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How to overcome

How to overcome

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However, if you are a victim, there are several things you must do to avoid the negative impacts above.

1. Change the subject

When you are busy chatting with friends about something, but suddenly your friend leads to a speech that actually comments more on your physique, then the first thing you should do is change the topic of conversation.

Divert your friend’s concentration on a topic that is currently hot, for example, about artist gossip, trending fashion trends, or other topics so that your friends forget about what body shaming said before.

2. Be yourself

Overcoming body shaming next is to always be yourself. For example, your friend comments on your fat body, you should just listen.

However, don’t try to change your appearance by torturing yourself. It’s good if you love your body more and don’t need to follow other people’s words.

3. Always believe that no human is perfect

When people comment on your physical form, always keep in your heart and mind that he also has flaws, because no human being is perfect, even if that person looks beautiful and has almost perfect physique.

In addition, you must be able to highlight your strengths to other people so that they don’t do body shaming against you again.

Thus the discussion about body shaming, starting from the characteristics, bad effects to how to overcome it.

If you are one of the perpetrators of this reproach, then stop from now on. However, if you are a victim, keep the spirit and always love yourself.