6 Cara Ini Bikin Orang yang Kamu Suka Lebih Tertarik Denganmu

Have you ever had feelings for someone but they didn’t show any interest in you?

If so, try to make yourself more attractive in front of him. Actually there are many ways that you can try to get him to be interested, but unfortunately not many people know about these ways.

Well, some are quoted from Psychology Today there are 6 ways that can make your potential boyfriend more interested in you, what are you doing?

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1. Don’t be too open

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Maybe you’ve been attracted to someone because you were curious about them. Well, try that on yourself.

That is, be someone who is not too open alias mysterious. As is known, mysterious people are indeed more attractive so the opposite sex has a curiosity about you.

If you’re too open, he may feel like he doesn’t need to know anything more about you.

2. Don’t be too serious

Make Him More Interested in You Using These 6 Ways

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Don’t be too serious, because people will think you’re boring.

Even though in reality you are not boring, but if you are too serious, fewer people will be interested in you.

Be someone who is cheerful and friendly that way he will not feel that you are a boring person.

3. Be yourself

Make Him More Interested in You Using These 6 Ways

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If you’re around someone you like, you’ll feel shy and you may even do things you’re not used to or try to be someone else to make them seem more attractive.

Not only that, you will also limit your movement and speech space if you are with him. But try to stay true to yourself.

Try to get rid of your shyness and don’t do things that don’t suit you. Wouldn’t it be better to be yourself than someone else?

Confidence will show itself if you keep being yourself and that way you will also look more attractive.

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4. Take care of yourself

Make Him More Interested in You Using These 6 Ways

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You don’t have to go to a beauty salon and spend a lot of money to attract her attention.

Taking care of yourself actually only requires exercise, consuming healthy food and drinks, and maintaining personal hygiene.

With simple things like this, it is guaranteed that anyone, including the person you like, will also be more interested.

5. Smile

Make Him More Interested in You Using These 6 Ways

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Smile is a worship! Besides that, a smile can also make other people more interested in you. How come? Because with a smile, you will look more friendly and warm.

Of course people will also be more comfortable around you. Imagine if you rarely smile, of course you will be labeled as someone who is arrogant and very secretive.

6. Pay attention to appearance

Make Him More Interested in You Using These 6 Ways

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It is undeniable that appearance does play a big role in being more attracted to you.

Why can? Because he will see you from appearance first and after that he will see your real attitude.

You don’t need to use luxury items, you just need to wear neat, polite clothes and the right colors.

Indeed, there are some people who do not care about appearance. But there’s nothing wrong with trying to pay more attention to your appearance, who knows he might be more interested.

Isn’t it difficult to make him more interested in you? Of the 6 ways above, actually the most important thing is that you have to be yourself. Because if you are comfortable with yourself, other people will also be comfortable with you.