Bikin Emosi dan Pusing, Ini 7 Cara Menghadapi Orang Egois

Do you often interact with someone who is selfish? Whether it’s friends, family or partners who have a selfish nature, sometimes it makes you feel dizzy and emotional.

But maybe you also have this selfish nature without you realizing it. Many people do not realize that they are selfish.

Well, if you feel annoyed and confused about how to deal with selfish people, you can try 7 ways to deal with it, which is quoted from Lifehack.

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1. Accept that they are selfish

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The first way you can deal with someone who is selfish is to accept them.

Even though you pay attention to them, give affection and even think they are the closest people to you, you must know that they don’t consider it all.

Selfish people often don’t care about your feelings and even if they do something bad for you, they don’t care.

Therefore try to accept their nature, because by you trying to tell them about their mistakes, they do not pay attention to what you say.

2. Correct yourself

Need to Know, 7 Ways to Deal with Selfish People

(photo: unsplash/simonmigaj)

Indeed, selfish people tend to comment on other people more often and think they are better, so that they think that they are worthy of being an example.

Even though he often irritates you, try to correct yourself in a way that makes you stay with him for a long time and think about whether there are statements from him about you that show the truth?

Don’t be narrow-minded, but think from his point of view who knows you and he are both selfish.

3. Be yourself

Need to Know, 7 Ways to Deal with Selfish People

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Did you know that if you hang out with someone often, you will also be carried away by the association? So if you hang out with someone who is selfish, don’t be selfish like them.

As discussed earlier, selfish people tend to not care about other people and only want their opinions to be heard.

Keep being someone who cares about others and respects any opinions that differ from yours.

4. Remind

Need to Know, 7 Ways to Deal with Selfish People

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It’s a bit difficult to remind people who are selfish because according to them, their opinion is the best.

But if you remind them in the right way, they might just listen to you.

Try to talk to him nicely, then tell him your complaints. Remember, do not yell at or corner him because it will only provoke anger.

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5. Learn not to care

Need to Know, 7 Ways to Deal with Selfish People

(photo credit: pexels / andreapiacquadio)

Selfish people will always thirst for the attention of you and others. If you are the person closest to him and want him to change, learn not to care about him anymore.

It’s not that you don’t care drastically but slowly you can by not offering help when he is in need.

The risk is that if you learn not to care about him, your relationship with him will stretch and he will even stay away from you.

6. Avoid meeting often

Need to Know, 7 Ways to Deal with Selfish People

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Often spending time with selfish people, it will make you tired and don’t even enjoy your days with them.

If this happens, try not to see him too often. This is an effective method that you should try.

Isn’t it better to spend time alone and do other work than to meet selfish people?

7. Making new friends

Need to Know, 7 Ways to Deal with Selfish People

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There is a saying that says ‘leave the bad and the good will come’ this is what will happen in your life if you leave someone who gave badness to your life.

Slowly leave them and find new friends who are certainly better. Keep in mind this is the last resort you can try if the selfish person can’t change.

Spending too much time with selfish people will create more poison in your life. Therefore, by trying the methods above, you will easily face selfish people.