Biar Sehat Lahir Batin, 10 Hal yang Dilakukan Saat Pagi Hari

Do you remember the old quote that said ‘don’t wake up in the afternoon, your luck will be pegged by the chicken’? Surely you’ve heard of it.

That can mean it’s true, you know, because the later you wake up, the more limited you can do. So the luck will also be less.

In addition to fortune, getting up early is also useful for maintaining physical and mental health as well, you know. Not only that, there are so many benefits that you can get when you wake up in the morning.

You can feel the fresh air with less pollution, the calming morning sun and the morning dew that makes the body fitter.

Well, to get physical and mental health, try to do these 10 things in the morning. Then your health will be maintained and mood-You will be fine all day.

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1. The earlier the better for your body, there are many things you can prepare before starting the day

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2. To get a healthier body, drinking a glass of water is important to rehydrate the body

Let's be healthy physically and mentally, 10 things to do in the morning

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3. Besides drinking a glass of water, don’t forget to have breakfast too. Prepare energy for daily work

Let's be healthy physically and mentally, 10 things to do in the morning

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4. In addition, start also stepping out of the house or balcony. Enjoying the air or the morning sun will be fun

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5. Don’t forget to move your body a little, you can do yoga or just jog

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6. Meanwhile, to improve the mood to stay good all day, try playing your favorite song to add to the spirit

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7. If you still don’t want to take a shower, at least wash your face first so that your face stays fresh

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8. Keeping the bed clean and tidy is an investment so that when you come home from work the mood is not messy

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9. Social media can be useful, but it can also spoil the mood. For that, you should stay away from cellphones first, okay?

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10. Writing a gratitude journal is the most appropriate way to be grateful for the big or small gifts that have been given by Him

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Isn’t it hard to do 10 things in the morning? You can start this habit now to feel the benefits in the future.