Berikut 10 Tips Mudah Belajar Chord Gitar, Pemula Wajib Tahu

Learn Guitar Chords The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in society. Besides being easy to play, the guitar can form the rhythm of a song that can be moodbooster.

Moreover, playing the guitar can improve brain function, train concentration, as well as relieve stress. The reason is, when playing guitar, you need high concentration.

Take for example, the average length of the song is 3-4 minutes. In order for the song to be played completely, you have to concentrate from the beginning until the song is finished.

Indirectly also, playing the guitar helps you to relieve stress due to daily routines.

Imagine, when you play the guitar, it’s as if you fall into tune so that your burden is lessened, as well as helping a clearer mind.

However, to be good at playing the guitar, you have to master it chord first. Unfortunately, many of the rookies gave up because chord guitar is considered difficult to learn. Even though, chord guitar is the basic key so that you are proficient at playing guitar.

Then, what do you need to pay attention to in order to be proficient in learning? chord guitar?

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Easy Tips for Learning Guitar Chords, Beginners Must Know

1. Requires high commitment

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In order to be good at playing the guitar, you need to be persistent in practicing. That is, you should not have half-measures. Even if you are self-taught, you have to be committed and practice regularly to get the maximum.

To maximize it, every week you need to study chord different. If you have mastered one chordyou have to study chord another the following week. The goal is for your fingers to get used to it, so that you are proficient in every chord.

2. Choose the right reference

Beginners Must Know!  Here are Powerful Tips for Learning Guitar Chords

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You definitely need it output support to facilitate exercise. Currently, there are many media that you can use as a reference as your teaching material. For example, use the internet to see and know the basic keys.

Through the internet too, you can browse various songs along with chordhis. Alternatively, you can also use print media such as magazines to study chord guitar. Every now and then, there’s nothing wrong with visiting a bookstore to support your training process.

3. To be good, repeat regularly

Beginners Must Know!  Here are Powerful Tips for Learning Guitar Chords

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The saying goes, you can get used to it. Therefore, if you want to be good at playing the guitar, you have to repeat chord for the sake of chord for maximum performance.

To make it easy, have a regular schedule forrefreshing back to the chords that you have learned.

For example, because every week you have studied various chordchoose a special day to repeat guitar chords.

In addition to training memory, repeating chord what has been learned helps to keep your fingers from getting stiff. At least, in a week have two days to repeat chord which has been studied.

4. Learn to tune the guitar

Beginners Must Know!  Here are Powerful Tips for Learning Guitar Chords

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This step is considered important because you are in the process of recognizing the sound of notes on guitar strings. One thing you need to pay attention to before tuning the guitar.

Make sure you know the string order. As a beginner, you can play all the strings while strumming them.

Ignore the tone if it is not pleasant to hear. Because, playing all the strings aims to determine the level of tightness of the strings.

To make it easier, you can do this step according to your ability as well as your comfort. But be careful! In order not to break, you should not be too tight in strumming the strings.

5. Get used to strumming the guitar, come on!

Beginners Must Know!  Here are Powerful Tips for Learning Guitar Chords

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To be able to play a song, you have to get used to learning to strum the guitar. In addition to obtaining a melodious tone, the goal is to get your fingers used to the rhythm of the strings. Of course, at this stage you need to use five fingers at once.

First, place your thumb on the topmost string, precisely on bass number 5, 6 or 4. Next, use the index finger to play string number 3, the middle finger plucks string number 2, then followed by ring finger to pluck string number 1. To get used to it, do it slowly and repeatedly.

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6. For maximum, play a song

Beginners Must Know!  Here are Powerful Tips for Learning Guitar Chords

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Practice and memorize chord constantly bored you? To fix this, choose a favorite song that has a basic key.

That way, your practice will be fun. If you have mastered one song, it is guaranteed that you will find it easy and enthusiastic to play the guitar.

Moreover, learning your favorite song is a fun moment to increase your enthusiasm for practicing. Don’t forget to try, OK!

7. Try not to look at the guitar strings

Beginners Must Know!  Here are Powerful Tips for Learning Guitar Chords

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If your fingers are used to playing chord guitar, occasionally try to practice strumming the guitar without looking at the strings. Why? This is to test the level of concentration as well as your memory in memorizing.

The trick, you have to concentrate until the song is finished playing. Of course, you need time and regular practice to get maximum performance.

8. Multitasking Is a must

Multitasking is mandatory

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As mentioned earlier, playing the guitar means that you need high concentration. To get used to it, try playing it once in a while chord guitar while chatting or just watching.

This habit helps you not to keep looking down at the guitar, so slowly your self-confidence starts to build.

Not only that, this step is a form to train your fingers to be more shrewd in playing chord Guitar, lol!

If you are proficient and used to it, you don’t need to look down and feel afraid of being wrong, right?

9. Make idols as motivation

Make idol as your motivation

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It is undeniable, idols become a person’s motivation to achieve certain goals. If you are lazy to practice, of course your motivation will rise again because of idols. You are triggered to be good at playing music to become like your idol.

You can write or paste a photo of your idol in the corner of your room, thus encouraging you to keep practicing.

10. Get used to playing songs

Getting used to licking songs

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If your practice feels monotonous, you can tweak or modify the song. Indirectly, this step serves as a stimulus to train your hearing, and increase your sensitivity to melodies.

Furthermore, if you dare to modify a song, you are indirectly required to be creative. Guaranteed, in the future you will be good at playing guitar, even composing a song.

Those are brief tips that you can try to be proficient in learning chord. Don’t forget to keep practicing and setting goals, OK! Good luck.