Baru Belajar Masak? 7 Tips Ini Akan Membuat Masakan Lebih Enak

Cooking is indeed synonymous with women, yes, but there are also many men who cook and pursue professions as chef.

It’s really not an easy thing to cook, because you have to pay attention to various things such as the taste of the food, what ingredients are used and the appearance of the dish to make it more appetizing.

For those of you who are just learning to cook, it’s really necessary to follow some of the following tips that will make your cooking more delicious, some of which are quoted from: delicious food.

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1. Use the right equipment

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This first point is very basic and many people ignore it. Though the right equipment will greatly affect the hygiene of the dish and its taste.

There are even some cooking utensils that are not safe for use in cooking.

For example, a knife, use a knife that suits your needs, for example if you want to cook meat then use a butcher knife and if you want to slice fruit, use a fruit knife.

2. Using only the best ingredients

New to Cooking?  These 7 Tips Will Make Your Food Taster

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The quality of the ingredients will greatly affect the taste of the dishes you make.

Have you ever heard that good quality meat tastes better than meat that has been stored in the refrigerator for a long time?

Likewise with other food ingredients, if you feel it is not suitable for use, then don’t force it.

It is better to buy new and use good quality materials.

3. Watching cooking shows

New to Cooking?  These 7 Tips Will Make Your Food Taster

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If you often watch cooking shows, be it on television or other social media, you shouldn’t just watch it.

Because you can also practice it at home. Record each ingredient and how to cook chef and after that cook at home.

4. Use salt with care

New to Cooking?  These 7 Tips Will Make Your Food Taster

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Excessive use of salt in cooking is not recommended. In addition to making food taste salty, excess salt will also interfere with your health.

Is it necessary to cook without using salt? Actually salt is very important in cooking, because without salt the taste of food will be more bland. Therefore, you should only use salt to taste.

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5. Cook with a simple recipe

New to Cooking?  These 7 Tips Will Make Your Food Taster

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To start cooking, you should not use recipes that seem difficult. But instead, use recipes that are simple to make.

If you’ve never cooked before, try to cook simple ingredients first, such as boiling eggs, omelettes, cooking fries and others.

But for those of you who have previously cooked even though they are not proficient, you can try starting with stir-fry.

6. Don’t drink too much water

New to Cooking?  These 7 Tips Will Make Your Food Taster

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Water is really used to cook some foods such as tomato soup, meat soup and stir-fry.

But the use of excess water will make the taste of your food less pronounced. It’s best to only use enough water.

7. Taste the dishes

New to Cooking?  These 7 Tips Will Make Your Food Taster

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If some step cooking is done don’t forget to taste it. Tasting this dish is very important so that you know what ingredients I am lacking and the taste of the food is right or not.

Not just for someone who is a beginner, even a classmate chef Even famous people taste the dishes they have made in order to know if the taste is right or not.

Well, now you know what tips can make cooking taste better.

Even though you are still a beginner, if you practice cooking every day, it is guaranteed that you will be able to cook quickly! Good luck trying some of the tips above.