Bahan Alami dan Natural, 10 Tips Meredakan Demam

Fever is a disease that almost everyone experiences. Starting from children to adults must have felt the pain of fever.

This can interfere with daily activities because they have to rest all day at home. However, there is so much to do every day.

If you usually go to the doctor for the healing process, it never hurts to try the following tips to relieve fever.

Like medicine, natural ingredients also have ingredients that can relieve fever. Some of these ingredients are usually mixed with other ingredients to support their properties.

For example, some of these natural remedies. Not only can make the body healthy again, but also free from chemicals entering the body.

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1. Don’t let the body lack fluids, even if you don’t have an appetite try to keep drinking water, coconut water, broth, soup or fruits that contain lots of water

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2. To fight disease in the body, the key is rest in the form of adequate sleep so that the body is strong enough to fight disease

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3. Herbal tea is very good to prevent dehydration and produce sweat, add honey to get more energy

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4. Consumption of vitamin C to increase immunity, can be found in pharmacies or fruits

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5. Try taking a bath using Epsom salt which contains magnesium to flush out toxins in the body

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6. Apple cider vinegar is an ancient remedy that you can try, pour it into a basin filled with water and then add a washcloth and place it on your forehead or soles of your feet.

10 Natural Recipes to Relieve Fever

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7. Try to sweat, the way can be by using essential oils. Can help improve blood circulation

10 Natural Recipes to Relieve Fever

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8. Cartilage broth has immune-boosting properties, so try making your own with a mix of vegetables you like

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9. Try using homeopathy, which is an alternative treatment that uses natural ingredients, not chemicals

10 Natural Recipes to Relieve Fever

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10. Maybe many have not heard, but using wet socks is said to improve blood circulation. The trick is to soak your feet in warm water, soak your socks in cold water and then attach them to your feet and cover them with a dry woolen cloth

10 Natural Recipes to Relieve Fever

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Whoever is sick, I wish you a speedy recovery. If these tips to relieve fever from natural ingredients are still not enough, you should see a doctor to determine what kind of pain you are suffering from.