Apa Itu Penyakit Ain, Kenali Sebab dan Bahayanya

Over the last few years, on social media, it is quite common to hear the name of a disease called disease ain. Some people say this disease arises from people’s gaze on an object.

His views are not only direct, but also through media such as videos and photos of people which are increasingly being spread on social media. There are those who take it easy, but there are also those who are excessively afraid.

In order to respond more appropriately, let’s understand together about other diseases in the view of Islam, from understanding to the proper way to prevent it according to the Shari’a.

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Other diseases can appear from the eye

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What is ain disease? In simple terms, it is a disturbance caused by eye sight.

Meanwhile, Fatawa Al Lajna Ad Daimah or the Scientific Research Council and Fatwa in Saudi Arabia give a more complete understanding.

The origin of the word ain is from the word aana or ya’iinu which means it is exposed to something from the eye. Initially it was a sense of awe from people when they saw something.

Then followed by a negative feeling response, then the feeling or soul uses eye sight as an intermediary to channel poison to the object seen.

The view that causes this disorder can occur because of envy, jealousy, or hasad for the good or advantage that is in someone or something he sees.

Not only for humans, but also for things

What is Ain Disease, Know its Causes and Dangers

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In addition to humans, it turns out that a glance full of admiration can also cause other diseases in people or objects that are seen.

A gaze accompanied by disguised envy, due to excessive admiration, can also trigger eye disease that applies to inanimate objects, as well as to living things.

One of the great scholars of the past, Ibn al-Qayyim even mentioned that ain’s disease does not only come through sight, but in many cases shows that the disease can occur even through imagination.

Disturbances that arise can occur in various forms, from anxiety, physical illness, even to death. This is mentioned in a hadith narrated by Imam Muslim.

Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam said which means:Ain really exists! If there is something that can precede destiny, it’s really ‘ain that can’“.

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It is very risky, then can it be cured?

What is Ain Disease, Know its Causes and Dangers

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It turns out that the risk is indeed that big, so how to overcome it? In fact, things that are the source or cause of other pain are always around.

Starting from people’s posts on social media, what people show, and various things around them have the potential to trigger admiration to prejudice that invites envy and envy.

As widespread opinion circulated about this disease, many began to realize its dangers.

Many are also looking for ways to treat it. However, the initial principle of disease is that prevention is better than cure.

Here are some ways to prevent it

What is Ain Disease, Know its Causes and Dangers

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In Islamic law, various ways to prevent it have been mentioned, such as the following.

  • Get closer to Allah SWT by putting your trust in Him, maintaining the quality of worship and staying away from things that He forbids.
  • Quickly repent for various sins.
  • Routine absolute dhikr (can be done anytime and anywhere) and special dhikr (such as morning and evening dhikr).
  • Trying to overcome the disease of jealousy by focusing on the good things that can be done.
  • Avoid showing off, both in person and on social media, and multiply attitudes tawadhu’ or humble.
  • When praising or being praised, praise God by saying ‘masya Allah’, ‘laa hawwula wa laa quwwata illa billah’, or baarakallahu fiik’

Of the many ways to prevent disease, it turns out that nothing is complicated to do and they are all forms of worship and servitude to God.

However, we need to be careful that in worshiping the intention is to fully expect the pleasure of Allah and with it become a way of help and protection from Him.