Apa Itu Mochi Skin, Tren Kecantikan Ala Wanita Jepang

When you hear the word ‘mochi’, what comes to your mind is rice cakes from Japan? Mochi is one of the most famous Japanese foods.

But in terms of beauty in recent years there is a term mochi skin. As the name suggests, mochi skin means the skin is like a mochi cake that is soft, supple, and smooth.

mochi skin which is famous in Japan is different from glass skin South Korean style, where the leather is made from glass skin this looks shiny aka glow but tends to look greasy.

Difference between mochi skin with glass skin is the result that is more flushed and natural so it looks healthier.

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mochi skin is the appearance of healthy skin with skin care Japanese style that tends to be practical

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mochi skin is actually a picture of healthy and well-groomed skin, especially after doing Japanese-style beauty treatments or J-beauty.

You may also already know that in recent years the famous beauty trend is Korean style or K-beauty.

Not like trend K-beauty which is famous for being complicated in the process skin care, so J-beauty tend to be more simple and minimalistic.

K-beauty famous for many step or the steps that must be taken to get a beautiful face glow and impeccably although the results are unquestionable.

In K-beauty There are steps like using face mask essence, And don’t forget the serum.

Meanwhile, J-beauty it only focus on skin care basic aliases such as using facial cleansers, lotion, and SPF.

To be able to have mochi skin don’t even need to do much step because Japanese people tend to be practical and simple.

What are the steps to get mochi skin?

What is Mochi Skin, Japanese Women's Beauty Trend

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To be able to have a skin like mochi cake requires a few simple steps that you can do. Of course you have to do it regularly to get maximum results

1.Washing face with method double cleaning

As the name suggests, double cleaning means washing your face twice or in two stages.

The first level is to use micellar water to eliminate grooming and excess oil on the face. Next, wash your face with soap.

2.Apply toner on the face

The next step after washing your face with soap is applying toner on the face. Most toner in Japan in the form of water based lotion to be more easily absorbed by the skin.

Function toner itself is to brighten the face and even out the skin tone so it is not striped.

3.Using moisturizer or moisturizer

After using toner To help brighten the skin, then a moisturizer is needed (moisturizer) to keep the skin condition to stay moist throughout the day.

moisturizer plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin. Apart from moisturizing moisturizer It also nourishes the skin and can prevent skin problems such as acne.

4.Using sunscreen or sunscreen regularly

The last and very important thing to maintain healthy skin is to use sunscreen or sunscreen.

Using sunscreen is very important so that your skin is not directly exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Not only that, regular use of sunscreen can also reduce the risk of skin cancer, can help even out skin tone, and of course will reduce the risk of sunburn.

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The results will be maximized if done regularly according to the stages

What is Mochi Skin, Japanese Women's Beauty Trend

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Getting healthy skin is everyone’s dream. But many of us, especially women, sometimes still feel lazy.

Even read the steps to get skin glow and impeccably alone has made us back away.

But mochi skinThis trend from Japan is not as complicated K-beauty. The steps that need to be done are few with that result worth it.

Of course, if we do it regularly without any steps being skipped, then we will have a skin like the texture of this mochi cake.

Are you interested in trying to apply the steps to get mochi skin this? Please try it at home!