Apa Itu Ghosting dalam Hubungan, dan Cara Menyikapinya

Surely you are familiar with the term suddenly disappear. Because it is considered painful, no one wants to be a victim suddenly disappear. What’s that suddenly disappear actually?

During this time we may understand suddenly disappear in love. But actually suddenly disappear it can also happen in friendships and work. People who have beensuddenly disappear Of course, it has its own trauma.

Because this is not a trivial matter, many people express it through works of art that touch the heart. Then how to deal with it? More importantly, so that we do not become the perpetrators.

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Perpetrator suddenly disappear suddenly left after previously intensely communicating

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Term suddenly disappear first known to the public in the 2000s when the internet began to develop. At that time online dating services began to bloom. Most do it through chat and telephone.

There are times when people who approach it just disappear. From what was initially quite intense communication, suddenly went without clarity.

So far, men are more often seen as perpetrators suddenly disappear. Although the reality is not necessarily, because women may also experience certain emotional conditions that unknowingly make them perpetrators suddenly disappear.

There are several reasons why people do suddenly disappear

What is Ghosting in a Relationship, and How to Deal with It

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The following things could be the reason why people do suddenly disappear.


Suddenly disappear it seems evil and inconsiderate. Even though it turns out that they are the perpetrators suddenly disappear more afraid. Afraid of what? It may be because of fear of commitment or fear of the uncertainty faced.

Don’t want any conflict

The other side of fear is the desire to avoid conflict, or even to run away from reality. As if leaving was better than having to face further risks.

Less responsible

This applies to those who have started to recognize the commitment between the two parties. It’s a different case if you’re still playing games, especially with people you just met on social media. He who just walked away might as well do the same with some people.

Self care

Although this is a bit hard to accept, but suddenly disappear could be an option to keep himself. There are times when those who feel they are victims of ghosting actually make mistakes, for example being too possessive.

Someone who suddenly disappear maybe because you don’t want to live toxic relationship.