Apa Itu Binge Watching, Ketika Sulit Berhenti Nonton Film

Have you ever spent most of your time watching movies? It feels like you don’t want to go anywhere before the movie or series you watch ends. Moreover, the current trend of watching movies has also changed.

Shows that were previously dominated in theaters are now moving to various platforms flow. All services flow the movie makes you thin aka lazy to move, want to lie down until the film ends.

If you’ve ever experienced that, maybe you’re experiencing party watching.

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party watching can increase dopamine levels in the brain

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Say ‘party’ itself has the meaning of excessive pleasure in an activity. party watching interpreted as a condition when a person spends a lot of time at once watching many episodes of serial films.

Usually this is done by watching flow on line. Before service flow it’s a hit, people watch movies on DVD.

When we watch the series we like, our brain unconsciously releases the hormone dopamine, which is a hormone that makes us feel comfortable and satisfied when we do something.

So, this dopamine level will be higher when we often watch movies.

That’s why when an episode runs out, there’s an addiction to re-watch. Especially if the storyline makes you curious or the characters become our idols.

The more often you watch, the higher the levels of dopamine that the brain produces. That’s why when one episode is over, we feel like we’re addicted to getting back to feeling happy, satisfied, and curious.

Finally, we decided to continue watching the next episode.

The average person can watch a movie 2-6 episodes at a time

What is Binge Watching, When It's Hard to Stop Watching Movies

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Netflix once published a survey regarding the length of time people usually spend watching movies or series. Based on the survey, as many as 73 percent of people watch a movie 2-6 episodes at a time.

This Netflix survey was conducted on 3,078 respondents aged 18-34. Of that number, 1,496 of them watch TV streaming once a week.

Can you imagine, if someone watches 6 episodes in a day, how much time is spent?

Turns out, one of the reasons party watching is the number of means of watching movies online. The types of films are also unlimited, ranging from dramas, documentaries, to reality show.

Meanwhile, this is not found in conventional television whose services are limited. In addition, conventional television shows usually cannot be re-watched at any time.

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Be careful, because party watching can be addictive

What is Binge Watching, When It's Hard to Stop Watching Movies

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Even though it looks fun, you still have to be vigilant. Because, if the habit party watching done continuously can have a bad impact on health, one of which is addiction.

When watching movies, the brain produces dopamine, a chemical that causes feelings of pleasure and happiness. This release of dopamine triggers feelings of ‘tall’ like when taking drugs.

When you’re addicted, habit party watching will be difficult to change. You will continue to watch movies without knowing the time.

In fact, you might even stop watching just to do basic things like eat and shower.

This will certainly have an impact on everyday life. As a result, you can’t concentrate on work or other tasks because you’re already distracted by movies.

party watching can cause health problems

What is Binge Watching, When It's Hard to Stop Watching Movies

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Besides thatparty watching also closely related to dinner party aka snacking. When watching movies, we are often accompanied by snacks such as popcorn, potato chips, and soft drinks.

Many people unknowingly eat lots of high-calorie snacks without a break while watching movies.

If this habit continues and is not balanced with a lot of movement or regular exercise, look at your scales.

Chances are you will gain weight, and if habits are not changed immediately will lead to obesity.

party watching It can also make you have trouble sleeping, aka insomnia. You will be constantly overshadowed by the storyline, feeling curious, until you finally decide to go back to watching the film.

Therefore, you have to start limiting the habit of watching movies overtime. For example, in a day enough to watch one episode only. So you can still continue to connect with the outside world without disturbing your health.

After understanding what it was about party watching and impact, now you know how to do it wisely.