7 Tips Solusi Mengatasi Rambut Rontok, Pijat Kepala Hingga Pakai Masker Telur

For women, hair is a crown, because the beauty and health of hair can be a support to increase self-confidence.

Apart from weather and environmental factors, increasing age and the strength of hair roots, can make your hair fall out frequently.

So, should cutting your hair short, should be a solution, if your hair often falls out? Meanwhile, you want to be able to have long and beautiful hair?

Don’t worry, some of these ways can be the right steps to deal with hair loss without the need for expensive costs.

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1. Regularly massage the scalp

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It turns out that not only our facial skin or body skin needs to be massaged, our scalp also needs to be massaged regularly.

What is its function for? Regular massage of the scalp can help stimulate growth and help maintain the thickness of hair cells in the dermal papilla area.

Of course, to get maximum results, don’t forget to add oil or hair masks, which are made from natural ingredients.

You know, a gentle massage on the scalp can be a solution to reduce stress levels too. Come on, try it.

2. Apply egg mask

Don't worry about hair loss, these 7 tips can be the right solution for you

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Rubbing eggs on your hair, won’t it make your hair fishy? Make no mistake, the protein content is high enough, has a function to accelerate the growth of hair cells.

There is content sulfur, ZincIron, selenium, phosphorusday iodinemaking eggs a solution as a natural ingredient to strengthen hair growth.

How to use it is not difficult, really. You just need to separate one egg white into a small bowl, add a teaspoon of olive oil (if you don’t have one, you can substitute lavender oil or grapeseed oil) and honey.

Stir gently, until the egg white turns into a paste mixture. Then, apply on the scalp and hair, let stand for 20 minutes. After you feel the mask absorbs, rinse with cold water, then shampoo your hair.

3. Apply aloe vera gel

Don't worry about hair loss, these 7 tips can be the right solution for you

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This material is certainly very commonly used as a natural base for treating hair loss. This is because, the content in aloe vera, which is able to cool the scalp, as well as being a natural conditioner for women’s hair.

In addition, the content in aloe vera is believed to reduce dandruff and excess oil, where side effects can clog follicle hair.

Apply aloe vera gel on the scalp and hair, then massage gently, until the aloe vera gel is absorbed. Don’t forget to do it regularly, if you want to get maximum results.

4. Massage the scalp with coconut oil

Don't worry about hair loss, these 7 tips can be the right solution for you

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The presence of fatty acid content in coconut oil, is believed to reduce your hair loss of protein. This is because the fatty acids in coconut oil have been shown to work through the hair shaft.

When is the best time to use coconut oil? This depends on the condition of your hair. Coconut oil can be used before and after you wash your hair.

For those of you who have oily hair, the best advice is to use coconut oil and leave it overnight or a few hours before you wash your hair.

How to use it is very simple. Apply coconut oil to the scalp as well as the entire hair. Then, massage slowly until it absorbs.

For information for those of you who have dry hair, coconut oil can be used and left for a while before you wash your hair.

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5. Consumption of fish oil

Don't worry about hair loss, these 7 tips can be the right solution for you

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In addition to doing treatment from the outside, hair loss treatment, can be done from the inside. Consume fatty acids and omega regularly, if you want to get healthy hair.

This is because, not only your body needs nutrients and protein, your hair also needs it.

Taking fish oil supplements that contain omega and anti-oxidants regularly, is believed to help increase the thickness of your hair strands and also reduce hair loss. This is also supported by, your body’s immunity is getting stronger.

6. Drink onion juice

Don't worry about hair loss, these 7 tips can be the right solution for you

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A study says, onion juice can help cure baldness for people who suffer from baldness alopecia areata.

The content in onion juice can encourage the growth of new hair cells and increase blood circulation.

How to make onion juice is not difficult. Blend a few cloves of garlic and then strain the juice. Then, apply it on the scalp and all over the hair.

Leave it for 15 minutes to absorb. Don’t forget to rinse with shampoo as usual.

7. Massage the scalp with green tea

Don't worry about hair loss, these 7 tips can be the right solution for you

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The presence of antioxidants in green tea, can support hair growth and prevent hair loss.

How to use it, massage your scalp with a green tea bag that you have used and make sure it is still warm. Leave for an hour, then rinse with cold water.

The ingredients are very easy to find, right? To get maximum results, don’t forget to do this treatment regularly at home.