7 Tips Agar Pekerjaan Kamu Bisa Selesai Lebih Cepat

Everyone has work to do as quickly as possible. But there are some people who really don’t or don’t know how to get the job done to get it done faster.

Because the feeling of laziness is very often approached us which in the end only hinders the work that we should finish quickly.

If we often indulge this feeling of laziness, of course, our work will be hampered and even more piled up.

So that you can complete work on time, try using the following methods quoted from Forbes.

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1. Use a timer on every main job

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Use a timer to get work done. This really helps us to be able to do it on time.

Because if we give a clear deadline when doing work, then the work will also be completed faster because we are trying to beat the time.

Use a timer or alarm, so before the alarm sounds the work must be finished first.

2. Make a priority scale

7 Ways to Get Work Done Faster

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Indeed, we have so much work to do. But of the many jobs, surely there is something that must be prioritized, right?

Therefore, make a priority scale so that you can find out which work must be completed first and also which work can be done later.

This priority scale is indeed very helpful because we can complete every work that we have without any one being neglected.

3. Assume after 11 o’clock can’t work anymore

7 Ways to Get Work Done Faster

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Try to think that the work limit can only be until 11 am. And after 11 o’clock, you can’t work anymore.

But what if you have a lot of work to do? how to make small notes and immediately complete the task, don’t delay!

Usually in the morning people don’t do their work right away, but spend more time chatting and relaxing over tea or coffee.

If this continues, it will waste your valuable time to complete the next work.

Do it every day to finish work before 11 am and indirectly that will become a positive habit for you.

4. Determine the work schedule

7 Ways to Get Work Done Faster

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So that the completion of work can be more efficient, do not forget to determine a work schedule. Because it certainly takes longer to complete heavy work compared to light work.

You can also make a work schedule that includes other work in detail, such as homework.

This schedule can be a reference for you so that you can complete various types of work every day and not waste time.

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5. Every day work at home for 1 hour

7 Ways to Get Work Done Faster

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We are used to doing work only in the office, even though there are lots of distractions in the office. For example, noise and other annoying distractions.

Therefore you can work every morning at home for 1 hour. Even though it’s only 1 hour but it really helps you to pay off all the existing work.

For 1 hour, you better prioritize work that requires concentration. Try this for at least 2 weeks in a row.

6. 10 minutes of light work

7 Ways to Get Work Done Faster

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For light work try to do it in just 10 minutes. It will also help you to finish it faster.

We do realize that there are so many daily tasks at home that are quite time-consuming but are not too difficult to do.

After light work is done, then you complete a fairly difficult job.

7. Consumption of nutritious food and drinks

7 Ways to Get Work Done Faster

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Because you do so many tasks, you need to balance it by eating nutritious food and drinks to avoid getting sick.

Don’t forget to also provide healthy snacks or drinks to accompany you to do various jobs that drain your brain and energy.

You have to remember, that you are not a robot who is required to always work and work regardless of health.

That’s 7 ways to get the job done quickly. But don’t forget to get enough rest to keep your body fit.