7 Manfaat Jamblang, Mengatasi Anemia sampai Risiko Kanker

Have you ever tasted a unique fruit called jamblang fruit? The fruit is a bit like grapes, but its other name is guava or couple. It tastes like a mixture of sweet, sour and spicy.

As one of the plants that grows in several areas in Indonesia, but maybe not many people know the taste.

Not a few people think of it as a wild plant that is not suitable for consumption.

How to eat it can be eaten directly, so sweets, made juice, to substitute wine. In the fruit market in general, jamblang is not widely sold, even though the benefits are quite a lot.

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1. It looks like grapes, tastes a bit crunchy and is usually made sweet

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Jamblang fruit which has a Latin name Syzygium cumin is an oval-shaped fruit about 2-3 cm in length. Usually jamblang clustered up to 40 grains per stalk.

In Indonesia, there are quite a lot of names besides couple and guava. Acehnese call it jambe keleng.

Madurese call it dhuwak. Ternate people call it crest.

The thin skin of the fruit looks green when it is young and will turn dark red and blackish purple when ripe. The flesh of the fruit is white, gray, and purple.

In general, the smell of jamun is neutral or has no odor, but it tastes sour and pungent when it is not fully ripe. One of the benefits of jamblang fruit is to be used as sweets.

2. Proven to reduce blood pressure and heart disease

7 Benefits of Jamun, Overcoming Anemia to Cancer Risk

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Evidence-Based Complementary Alternative Medicine never used rats as experiments.

Mice that were given jamblang fruit reduced their blood pressure and heart rate.

The effect could be related to the flavonoid content in it. Other plants that contain flavonoids also have an antihypertensive effect.

Jamblang also has anticoagulant substances that can function to prevent the blood clotting process in the body so that the blood functions better.

3. It can also help stabilize blood sugar levels

7 Benefits of Jamun, Overcoming Anemia to Cancer Risk

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The next benefit of jamun is to stabilize blood sugar.

According to research, it was revealed that people who consume jamun regularly have lower blood glucose levels.

The results of the study are good news for people with diabetes so that their blood sugar levels do not rise, so as not to affect the health of other organs.

No wonder that many patients with diabetes mellitus choose jamblang for alternative medicine.

Although actually not yet fully scientifically proven how effective it is to treat diabetes.

4. Contains substances that reduce the risk of cancer

7 Benefits of Jamun, Overcoming Anemia to Cancer Risk

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The fruit also contains polyphenols which are considered to help digestion and for brain health. It can even reduce the risk of cancer.

Research published in Current Opinion in Food Science also shows that polyphenols have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Both are useful as cancer prevention.

His research shows that polyphenols can minimize the growth or development of cancer cells, such as prostate cancer.

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5. Can increase appetite again

7 Benefits of Jamun, Overcoming Anemia to Cancer Risk

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Things that can cause decreased appetite may vary, maybe because viruses, bacteria, or unfavorable mood conditions affect eating patterns.

What is clear, flu conditions, respiratory infections, impaired digestion, stomach acid factors, certain food allergies, or even constipation can reduce appetite.

Although this condition is actually nothing to worry about, it’s still annoying.

For those who lack appetite or stomach bloating, consumption of jamblang seems to be the right choice. Try taking 50 grams of jamblang mixed with water and honey.

6. Beneficial for overcoming anemia

7 Benefits of Jamun, Overcoming Anemia to Cancer Risk

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Anemia can occur because the body is lacking red blood cells (hemoglobin), so that the cells in the body do not get enough oxygen and do not function normally.

For those who have anemia, it turns out that jamblang fruit can also be the best choice because it contains iron that can meet the needs of red blood cells in the body. Pregnant women are also advised to consume jamblang fruit.

7. Be an alternative medicine for headaches or dizziness

7 Benefits of Jamun, Overcoming Anemia to Cancer Risk

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When you have a headache, it feels like all the activities you do are uncomfortable. The head feels heavy and the mind becomes unfocused. Even headaches can also affect other body parts.

For example, do you feel dizzy or have a headache? Try eating jamblang fruit which contains astringent substances, which are substances that can treat headaches. Of course with balanced enough rest.

That’s the benefits of jamblang that may not be widely realized by many people. If you’ve never tasted it, are you interested in trying it?