7 Manfaat Bunga Telang, Mengatasi Asma sampai Diabetes

butterfly flower or Clitoria ternatea It has long been known to the public to be a natural dye for food or drink.

It turns out that the benefits are not only beautify the appearance of food, but also for health.

There are several kinds of beneficial nutrients for the body that are obtained from the butterfly pea flower.

This funnel-shaped flower has several colors, such as purple, blue, white, and pink. This plant is quite easy to find in Indonesia.

Communities in a number of regions in Indonesia also use it for animal feed, insecticides, to skin care experience.

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1. Can help treat asthma

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The first benefit is to overcome asthma.

Several studies have been conducted to test its benefits as an anti-asthma drug, especially asthma associated with allergies.

The series of studies were also carried out on animals by taking high doses.

Its usefulness to be able to overcome asthma is also inseparable from the nature of antiasthma and the antioxidants it contains.

In addition to being an asthma drug, the benefits of this flower can also cure coughs.

2. Reduce inflammation and pain

7 Benefits of Telang Flower, Overcoming Asthma to Diabetes

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In addition to treating asthma, this plant also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. So this plant can overcome cell damage, pathogens, irritation, and help healing.

Anti-inflammatory includes components that can reduce the risk of inflammation, by affecting the work of pain nerves.

according to International Pharmaceutical Research JournalThe anti-inflammatory properties of pea flower extract show that its benefits can be like aspirin.

3. Accelerate the wound healing process

7 Benefits of Telang Flower, Overcoming Asthma to Diabetes

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The next benefit is as a wound healer such as burns and sharp cuts.

The seed extract contains flavonol glycosides, while the plant extract also contains compounds called phenolics.

Based on research conducted on animals, the researchers gave the extract of the seeds of the telang and its flowers by means of smearing it or making it an extract to drink.

The process for healing wounds in the experiment could be significantly improved. That’s why researchers believe that it is effective for healing wounds on the skin.

4. Improve the immune system or immune system

7 Benefits of Telang Flower, Overcoming Asthma to Diabetes

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The immune system or the immune system is something that is often discussed these days. If the immune system is good, then other diseases will stay away.

Immunity can be pursued by implementing a healthy life, for example eating healthy foods or drinks.

Telang flower is also believed to strengthen the body’s immune when the weather is not friendly. Usually can be processed into drinks.

In one study, researchers extracted about 25 phytocomp compounds, from the ethanolic extract of the pea flower.

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5. Help maintain mood to be better

7 Benefits of Telang Flower, Overcoming Asthma to Diabetes

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In recent years, mental health problems have become more and more a concern for many people around the world.

One of the mental disorders that can threaten modern society is depression.

In the telang flower also found compounds of palmitic acid and linolenic acid which are also believed to be one of the antidepressants.

It should also be understood that linolenic acid can control blood cholesterol and is also neuroprotective which protects the central nervous system from the risk of damage.

Meanwhile, palmitic acid has similarities with linolenic acid compounds, has antioxidant properties and has also been proven to make mood better.

6. Reduce inflammation or sore throat

7 Benefits of Telang Flower, Overcoming Asthma to Diabetes

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When your throat hurts, what do you usually drink to get well soon? Sore throat here is due to inflammation or irritation.

Have you ever tried to drink boiled water pea flowers?

Not only the flowers, but it turns out that a decoction of the root of the pea flower can help reduce inflammation or relieve pain in the throat.

For optimal results, it is better to drink water. After that try to get enough rest.

In addition to a sore throat medicine, a drink from pea flower can also be consumed for detoxification so that digestion is clean.

Telang flower drink will be better if there is a combination with vegetables and fruits that are fibrous to provide optimal benefits.

7. Helps overcome the symptoms of diabetes

7 Benefits of Telang Flower, Overcoming Asthma to Diabetes

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Through a study conducted on animals, there is visible evidence that telang flower can affect blood sugar levels, can control blood sugar absorption problems.

That is why the benefits of telang flower are also believed to stabilize blood sugar for patients with diabetes.

However, for further benefits, further research is needed.