Enak & Menarik, Ini 7 Makanan Khas Berbuka Puasa dari Berbagai Negara

Every year, Muslims around the world are obliged to fast. In fact, almost all Muslims make the holy month of Ramadan a special moment to gather and eat special foods when breaking the fast.

The most awaited moment for everyone is breaking the fast. Because when breaking the fast, there are usually many special food and drink offerings that are only made during the holy month of Ramadan.

Not only in Indonesia, every country in the world certainly has its own special food for breaking the fast.

Reported from Man’s World IndiaThere are 7 typical foods for breaking the fast from various countries in the world. What are you? this is the list.

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1. Kazakhstan – Beshbarmak

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This food menu is made from goat meat, or it can also be replaced with horse and lamb meat. The meat will be mixed with various spices and homemade noodles.

Besides being served to break the fast, this dish is also often available at certain celebration times in Kazakhstan. Usually eaten directly by hand, therefore beshbarmak can also be called a five-finger meal.

2. Kolak – Indonesia

7 Typical Iftar Foods From Various Countries

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As an Indonesian citizen, of course you are very familiar with this one food, right? The sweet taste with a mixture of bananas and sweet potatoes is also quite filling.

Made from brown sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaves to add fragrance and taste to the compote. There are also some areas in Indonesia that use kolang-kaling, jackfruit or pumpkin to add to the filling for compote.

3. Layer cake – Singapore

7 Typical Iftar Foods From Various Countries

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You can also easily find this layer cake in Indonesia. But for Singapore, layer cake is indeed a typical food for breaking the fast or during the holy month of Ramadan.

It is called layer cake because the process of making it is in layers so that when it is cut, it produces several layers of beautiful colors.

Ripening by steaming. There is also a layer cake that uses several colors to enhance its appearance.

4. Harira – Morocco

7 Typical Iftar Foods From Various Countries

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In Morocco, many people break their fast with soup. And harira became the most awaited dish.

This appetizing soup is made from vegetables such as chickpeas, rice and beef broth. But some areas of Morocco replace the ingredients with tomatoes and a different meat broth.

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5. Porridge Porridge – Malaysia

7 Typical Iftar Foods From Various Countries

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Porridge is a typical dish from neighboring countries, namely Malaysia. The porridge contains radish, minced meat or shrimp and is added with some spices.

Usually the spices used are cloves, cinnamon bark and cumin. Porridge can be consumed at iftar or suhoor, depending on taste.

6. Haleem – India

7 Typical Iftar Foods From Various Countries

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Haleem is made from wheat which when boiled is mixed with barley, cardamom, lentils, black pepper and turmeric. Do not forget to also add sliced ​​​​meat.

It does take quite a long time to make this haleem, because it takes up to 12 hours, you know! But a long time will pay off with delicious haleem when eaten.

7. Ramadan Ribbon – Turkey

7 Typical Iftar Foods From Various Countries

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Turkish people usually eat ramazan pidesi at dawn or iftar. Soft and sweet bread is enough to fill a hungry stomach.

The shape is very similar to pita bread but with a different processing method because it uses yeast. Usually, Ramadan pidesi is only available during the month of Ramadan.

Those are some typical foods for breaking the fast from various countries. Have you ever tried all the foods above?