7 Cara Atasi Cewek Ngambek, Simpel dan Ampuh

When a girl is cranky, of course, you will be confused and wonder what the cause is and how to overcome it.

Because sometimes girls sulk is caused by hormones when the ‘monthly guest’ comes or various other things.

If girls are cranky because their ‘monthly guest’ comes, they usually sulk for no apparent reason.

Not infrequently this makes the boys confused what to do and even dizzy themselves.

Well, for those of you who are confused about how to deal with a cranky girl, let’s find out the simple and effective ways Dating One this.

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1. Keep calm

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You must know that it is not good to fight fire with fire, especially if you are throwing bad words at each other.

Stay calm and refrain from being rude is the first thing you should do.

Keep your head cool, don’t be provoked by anger and don’t let emotions take over you.

2. Don’t think you’re right

7 Ways to Overcome a Nagging Girl!  Simple and Powerful

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There are various things that can cause a girl to sulk, one of them with your words or behavior.

If you are the cause of her sulking, you should not fight with her like shouting affirming that you are in the right.

Because if you always think you are right, the problem will not be resolved properly.

3. Listen carefully

7 Ways to Overcome a Nagging Girl!  Simple and Powerful

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Someone who cannot be a good listener, then he will also find it difficult to succeed in any situation, whether in work or love problems.

You might think that he’s sulking just a waste of your time, but try to take a little time to listen to all of his explanations.

He may feel that all this time you have not been a good listener for him. When listening to his heart try not to interrupt the conversation.

4. Don’t dodge

7 Ways to Overcome a Nagging Girl!  Simple and Powerful

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There are some guys because they want to avoid sulking girls, he will leave and even leave the girl with a still annoyed mood.

Keep in mind that avoiding or walking away from problems is not a good path for both of you because it will only worsen your relationship.

The problem is with you avoiding, it doesn’t help at all to solve the problem, it will even make him more cranky, you know.

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5. Give him time

7 Ways to Overcome a Nagging Girl!  Simple and Powerful

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Remember that he is not a child anymore which means he must already know how to control his emotions well.

If you’ve explained things and he doesn’t feel like bothering you, then don’t bother him. Give him a little time to feel better.

Don’t force her to reveal all the reasons that make her cranky. Because everyone needs to have their own time to make themselves better.

6. Use good body language

7 Ways to Overcome a Nagging Girl!  Simple and Powerful

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Body language that is not good will also greatly affect his emotions. Don’t let your facial expression get angry or look away when he’s trying to explain what’s in his heart.

Look into her eyes lovingly, hold her hand and start to speak nicely so that her heart can be calmer.

7. Remind yourself of your relationship goals

7 Ways to Overcome a Nagging Girl!  Simple and Powerful

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If he has expressed all his feelings, now is a good time for you to remind him of the purpose of your relationship.

Just tell him that it’s normal to be cranky or angry in a relationship, but that your goal is still the same to build a strong relationship and take it to the next level.

It’s true that arguments in relationships are unavoidable but can be resolved amicably and with a cool head.

As you know, cranky girls can sometimes make you emotional, but try not to be provoked. Although the methods above are simple, they are guaranteed to be effective for overcoming a girl who is cranky!