6 Tips Sederhana untuk Menjaga Tubuh Tetap Wangi

Surely you will be baper, you have beautiful makeup, beautiful hair and clothes stylish, but suddenly there are people we might like to say, “uhh, why do you stink?” Feel the world collapsing, for sure!

Of course, things like this you don’t want to experience, right? Especially if your job is already dealing with meeting a lot of people. Fragrant body odor, of course, will be the main support in increasing your confidence.

However, calm down and don’t panic, everything will definitely have a solution. The following are tips and ways to care for our body parts to keep them smelling good all day long.

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1. Take a clean bath

(photo: unsplash/hanna)

When your body is clean, your body will smell good all day long. So, if you want to have a good body odor, then you also have to pay closer attention and start to change your bathing habits more correctly.

One of them, to pay more attention to some parts of the body that have the potential to sweat more, for example, armpits, groin, buttocks and thighs

Oh yes, you also have to know what type of skin you have, the goal is to maintain an ideal bath frequency even though there are many daily activities.

2. Don’t forget to use deodorant

6 Simple Tips To Keep Your Body Smelly

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Deodorant has a function to help reduce and eliminate odor in the armpit area. This is because when applied to the skin, the presence of acidic elements helps prevent the arrival of bacteria that have the potential to make the body smell bad.

So, when you want your body odor to stay fragrant and fragrant throughout the day, don’t forget to use deodorant or antiperspirant.

3. Maintain skin moisture

6 Simple Tips To Keep Your Body Smelly

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So that your body always smells good, make sure your skin stays moist, even though you are active all day. The reason is, when your skin is dry, it tends to absorb and remove perfume scents faster.

How to keep skin moist? Drink enough mineral water, give it body lotion and moisturizer, so that your body avoids dryness.

How do you keep your clothes clean and smell good? Don’t forget to add fragrance after using laundry detergent.

This may seem trivial, but this action has a huge impact on how you smell throughout the day.

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5. Give the fragrance to the right body area

6 Simple Tips To Keep Your Body Smelly

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Giving perfume with the right scent to the right body parts can help maintain a longer lasting scent.

This is because, when your body temperature increases, the scent of perfume becomes active and is released into the air.

Give perfume or fragrance in areas such as the back of the neck, the curve of the elbows, wrists and also the bottom of the back and don’t forget behind the knees.

How to give it by using a certain perfume rollingthe point is that perfume at the pulse points of the body can be more targeted than the spray perfume that we often use in excess.

6. Keep the scalp clean

6 Simple Tips To Keep Your Body Smelly

(photo: unsplash/erick)

This part is often forgotten, even though the scalp also needs to be given care and attention by scrubbing the coconut skin thoroughly when bathing and then moving on to the hair.

This serves to remove dirt and oil from the scalp. Thus, the hair becomes cleaner and smells good.

The method seems simple, but when you do it regularly and consistently, your days will be filled with praise, your body is very fragrant.