6 Tips Agar Interview Kerja Berjalan Lancar

Do you know what one of the scariest processes when applying for a job is? Yup, the answer is a job interview or interview. Because in this interview session our communication skills will be seen.

Even though our communication skills are fairly smooth, if during the interview we will feel nervous, sweaty, even the exercises we have done before may not help.

Actually, every company has its own criteria in choosing the right candidate to be accepted for work. Some are quoted from giantThere are some tips that you can do so that the job interview session goes smoothly.

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1. Good nonverbal communication

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In addition to verbal communication, nonverbal communication also greatly determines whether a person is accepted for a job or not in an interview session. What you think will be clearly reflected in your speech, expressions and body language.

Don’t forget to pay attention to simple things like sitting position. Sitting too hunched over will give the impression that you are too relaxed and less interested in the interview.

Meanwhile, if you sit too upright illustrates that you are too tense and panicked. During the question and answer session, always look at the eyes, don’t look up and down like people are confused and not convincing.

At this first impression give positive energy and enough enthusiasm. Because other people will remember you from the first impression you give.

2. Wearing formal clothes

6 Powerful Ways to Make the Interview Run Smoothly

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Clothing is also very important to note. Neat, polite and attractive clothes are a plus for you in the eyes of the company.

There are several companies that determine what the candidate should wear during the interview session.

If the company doesn’t specify what clothes to use, you can try using shirts and blazers or other formal clothes.

3. Don’t talk too much

6 Powerful Ways to Make the Interview Run Smoothly

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We really need to be active in answering all questions. But what if the answer is too much? Wow, that’s a very fatal result, because you can be seen as knowing too much and wanting to stand out.

What you should know is that when you talk too much in answering questions, things that shouldn’t be said can end up being said.

It is better to practice at home first and read various articles related to the job you want so that you can correctly answer questions.

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4. On time

6 Powerful Ways to Make the Interview Run Smoothly

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Another plus that you can get is to come for an interview according to the specified time. But it would be even better if you came earlier so you can prepare yourself.

Punctuality during the interview also illustrates that you are serious about applying for the job.

5. Use appropriate language

6 Powerful Ways to Make the Interview Run Smoothly

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Try to be as professional as you can during this interview session. Do not use words that smell SARA or everyday slang that can reduce your score.

By using language that is appropriate to the context, it will indirectly reflect that you are professional and serious about the job.

Inappropriate language will also make the company view you badly and not take your work seriously.

6. Asking questions

6 Powerful Ways to Make the Interview Run Smoothly

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During the interview, you not only answer questions but can also ask questions. Indeed, most of the candidates answered ‘no’ when asked if there was anything they wanted to ask.

In fact, by asking questions, it can be an added value because you can be considered interested in the job.

You can ask questions if there is information that is not clear during the interview session.

Those are 6 tips that you can do so that the interview can run smoothly. Don’t forget to pay attention to the interviewer and answer honestly all the questions.