6 Manfaat Daun Jarak untuk Kesehatan, Atasi Demam hingga Rematik

Herbal plants do have a variety of benefits for the health of the body, including castor plants. This plant is very useful starting from the leaves, seeds, roots and even the fruit.

But one of the most widely used parts are the leaves. Jatropha leaves have various benefits you know to treat various diseases.

You can easily find these wild plants. So, what are the benefits of castor leaves? To find out, let’s know the following benefits.

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1. Streamlining breast milk

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Did you know that castor leaves have long been trusted by mothers to facilitate breastfeeding?

Yes, although there is no scientific evidence yet, the leaves are used externally to make breast milk smoother.

If a nursing mother has a problem with breastfeeding that is not smooth, then you can try this castor leaf.

2. Overcoming rheumatism

Overcome Fever to Rheumatism, these are 6 Benefits of Castor Leaves for Health

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Rheumatic diseases are very disturbing because the joints will experience pain and also the pain is unbearable.

Many people think that only old people can get this disease, even though young adults can also get rheumatic diseases you know.

The aches and pains that are felt in the joints will certainly make your activities hampered.

To fix this, you can take some castor leaves and grind them, mix a little warm water and stir until evenly distributed. After that you can attach it to the painful joint.

You can repeat this method several times a day until the joints feel better.

3. Treating wounds

Overcome Fever to Rheumatism, these are 6 Benefits of Castor Leaves for Health

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Injuries can happen to anyone. Usually, injuries occur due to falling from a vehicle, being scratched by a sharp object and so on so that it bleeds.

Open wounds are very susceptible to bacterial infections. Well, to treat wounds, you can use castor leaves.

Its antibacterial content will treat wounds on the skin. You only need to apply the sap to the cleaned wound, repeat several times a day.

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4. Headache and fever

Overcome Fever to Rheumatism, these are 6 Benefits of Castor Leaves for Health

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Headaches and fever can come at any time. Usually this headache and fever have a trigger, it can be due to stress or certain diseases.

Headaches are very annoying because you can’t do activities properly.

You can use castor leaves to treat these annoying headaches.

Take a few leaves, puree and add a little warm water. After that mix until evenly distributed and apply to the forehead. Leave it for some time to dry.

You can repeat this method several times. For maximum results, don’t forget to get plenty of rest and drink water.

5. Boils


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Boils are really annoying. Although small in size, but can cause pain and even pain.

Of course boils must be overcome as soon as possible. You can use castor leaves that have been mashed and added a little warm water, then applied to boils.

6. Stabilize blood sugar

Stabilize blood sugar

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Stable blood sugar is very necessary for people with diabetes. By consuming boiled water from castor leaves, it will really help stabilize blood sugar.

Rising blood sugar can also be prevented if you regularly consume boiled water of this castor leaf.

Those are the 6 benefits contained in castor leaves. It turns out that one of these clay plants has many health benefits. Hopefully the information above is useful.