6 Manfaat Bunga Saffron, Rempah Termahal yang Banyak Khasiatnya –

Have you ever seen a saffron flower? At first glance, the flowers are just like ornamental plants that are liked because of their beauty. But make no mistake, because in the saffron plant is the most expensive spice in the world.

Why is saffron flower valued so expensive even reaching tens of millions per kg? Because the production process requires a lot of energy, as well as during harvesting.

Spices from the saffron plant (Crocus sativus) turns out to have been used since time immemorial, because it is considered to have various health benefits.

In Indonesia, saffron flowers are also called kuma-kuma. When it blooms, piss flowers Crocus sativus or saffron crocus will be reddish brown.

There are three buds in each flower saffron crocusand that is what is known as saffron.

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1. Overcoming free radicals and inflammation

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One of the ingredients in saffron flowers is an antioxidant that is proven to be able to overcome free radicals and premature aging. The antioxidants present in saffron are crocetin and krosine.

The compounds crocetin and crosine make saffron look red. There are also other antioxidants, namely safranal compounds with a distinctive taste and aroma.

Kaempferol substances can also be found in the flower petals and can be useful for overcoming inflammation in the body.

2. Overcome the growth of harmful cancer cells

6 Benefits of Saffron Flowers, The Most Expensive Spice With Many Benefits

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As previously mentioned, saffron is high in antioxidants and can fight free radicals. The antioxidants crosetin and crosine in it can reduce chronic pain such as cancer.

Saffron’s anticancer properties work on lung cells, white blood cells, pancreas, bone marrow, and cervix. Researchers have tested the benefits of saffron against the growth of lung cancer cells.

Researchers observed changes in cancer cells incubated with saffron extract. It turns out that saffron helps increase the percentage of apoptosis in the body.

Apoptosis itself is the death of cells for the purpose of keeping the cell population in balance. Conversely, if the percentage of apoptosis is reduced, the cells will continue to divide uncontrollably and become cancer cells.

3. Can overcome nervous system disorders

6 Benefits of Saffron Flowers, The Most Expensive Spice With Many Benefits

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The antioxidant content in saffron can be useful for protecting one of the most important parts of the body, namely the nervous system.

Compound crocin which has been studied can reduce the risk of oxidative damage in the brain.

Other studies that have been published by the journal Antioxidant mentions that saffron can help improve memory.

Had done research on people with symptoms of alzheimer. The results are quite encouraging because people who took saffron within 22 weeks showed an increase in cognitive abilities like the drug donepezil.

However, until now there is still more research on how effective saffron is for alternative medicines that are beneficial for nerves.

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4. Reducing pain due to PMS or premenstrual syndrome

6 Benefits of Saffron Flowers, The Most Expensive Spice With Many Benefits

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PMS or premenstrual syndrome is a symptom that can bother women every month, because of pain in the stomach and emotional instability. PMS conditions appear before the menstrual phase begins.

Consumption of 30 mg of saffron flower extract daily in women aged 20-45 years has been shown to be able to overcome the effects of PMS such as abdominal pain, back pain, headaches, to emotional factors.

5.Fixing mood and relieve symptoms of depression

6 Benefits of Saffron Flowers, The Most Expensive Spice With Many Benefits

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The next benefit of saffron is to overcome feeling bad, even to the point of depressive symptoms.

It turns out that the benefits of saffron flowers naturally can be felt much more potent than the placebo effect for treating patients with mild and moderate symptoms of depression.

In fact, this spice with a striking color has its own unique nickname, ‘sun seasoning’, considering its benefits to change the mood to be ‘bright’ again. At certain levels, the benefits can be equivalent to antidepressants.

6. Help those who are on a diet

6 Benefits of Saffron Flowers, The Most Expensive Spice With Many Benefits

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For people who are on a diet, of course, abstain from eating unhealthy snacks that can trigger weight gain.

Consumption of saffron extract can provide a longer feeling of fullness, so you don’t want to eat anymore.

The women who regularly consumed saffron extract for eight weeks were also found to lose weight significantly compared to taking a placebo, which had a temporary effect.

That’s the benefits of saffron that are very important for health. Of course there are other benefits that are still being studied scientifically.