6 Fakta Karsinogen, Zat Pemicu Kanker yang Ada di Sekitar Kita

Maybe you’ve often heard the term carcinogen, for example in the news. Then you wonder about what effect it has on everyday life.

A carcinogen is something that can cause cancer. The source is in various substances such as food and drink, air, or the products used.

Whether we realize it or not, carcinogens are all around us. Although the disease can arise due to various things, it helps us first understand about carcinogens.

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Can be formed in meat that is grilled or grilled at very high temperatures

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Based on information from the institution National Cancer Institute Regarding carcinogens, cancer-causing substances can be formed when foodstuffs, especially fatty meats are grilled or grilled at very high temperatures.

Chemicals in meat and fat, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and heterocyclic amine (HCA) has been studied to have mutagenic properties that can trigger cancer.

HCA itself can be formed when amino acids, creatine, and sugar are heated to very high temperatures.

Meanwhile, PAHs can form when beef fat is grilled directly over a fire, releasing smoke.

To minimize the risk of carcinogens, you can reduce the consumption of foods in the form of grilled or grilled meat.

Not only found in foodstuffs or drinks

6 facts about carcinogens, cancer-triggering substances that are all around us

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What people often understand is that cancer-causing substances can come from burned food.

One thing to know about the first carcinogen is that it is not only found in food or drink, but is also around us all the time.

Carcinogens can enter the body through UV (ultraviolet) radiation, viruses, medical radiation, pollution, cigarette smoke, and others including grooming.

Based on information from the Skin Cancer Foundation, the presence of ultraviolet radiation can indeed cause skin cancer. Moreover, human skin is easy to absorb a number of carcinogenic substances in UV rays.

That is why, the use of sunscreen products on a regular basis is also recommended, especially if you are active outside for a long time.

Some types of cosmetics are also carcinogenic

6 facts about carcinogens, cancer-triggering substances that are all around us

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Some people may use cosmetics of various types and contents. Whereas certain types of cosmetics are also carcinogenic even though the content is not too large.

However, the possibility of the emergence of cancer cells is still there, especially if it is used for a long time.

Some examples of cosmetic ingredients that you should watch out for include parabens, formaldehyde, mercury, and phthalates.

Not only does it increase the risk of cancer, but the use of harmful cosmetics can also trigger other dangers, such as hormonal disturbances, contact dermatitis, to fetal disease.

About carcinogenic in cosmetics can be overcome with care when buying. Make sure to use one that has passed the dermatological test, is legal, and is also officially registered with BPOM.

A person who is exposed to carcinogens does not necessarily immediately get cancer

6 facts about carcinogens, cancer-triggering substances that are all around us

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Several types of carcinogens can be inhaled and enter the bloodstream and internal organs, including the brain.

It is important to mention that exposure to carcinogens alone is generally not the only factor that contributes to the development of cancer.

It should also be noted how long a person is exposed to, in what way, and in what dose.

Just because of being exposed to carcinogens, it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone will get cancer immediately. The condition can be influenced by other things such as genes.

A report entitled Based on a study in the Cancer Journal entitled Cancer Risk Genetics (2014), someone with a genetic history of cancer, will be more at risk than those without.

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Carcinogens can still be classified into several types

6 facts about carcinogens, cancer-triggering substances that are all around us

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Although carcinogens can trigger the growth of cancer cells, but not all of them affect the human body.

National Agency for Research on Cancer has made a classification of carcinogens into the following types:

  • Group A is carcinogenic.
  • Group B is most likely carcinogenic.
  • Group C is suspected to be potentially carcinogenic
  • Group D is uncertain or information is inadequate.
  • Group E is not carcinogenic.

With a healthy lifestyle and diet, the risk of carcinogenic can be reduced. A healthy lifestyle can also be a form of prevention. Isn’t prevention much better than cure?

There are several ways to encourage the growth of cancer cells

6 facts about carcinogens, cancer-triggering substances that are all around us

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Reporting from Verywell Health, it turns out that carcinogens have several ways to encourage the growth of cancer cells in the human body.

The method can be direct, namely damaging the cell’s DNA until a mutation process occurs that can cause abnormalities in the normal cell growth process.

The condition can also damage the cells until inflammation occurs which will cause cells to divide more quickly. Every time it divides, mutations occur that can eventually cause cancer.

Exposure to carcinogens is often difficult to completely avoid. But we can minimize it in certain ways, for example wearing protective equipment when working outside, wearing masks, quitting smoking, and of course living a healthy lifestyle.