6 Cara Simpel dan Efektif Menghemat Gaji Bulanan

Saving is a must so that money does not run out quickly, for various impromptu needs and to realize various other plans in life.

There are various sources of savings, such as pocket money and monthly salaries. But unfortunately, because of the many needs and desires, without realizing it, the monthly salary runs out quickly, so I can’t save.

If it continues like this, you can be sure when you are old you will experience financial difficulties. So learn to save on your monthly salary.

If you’ve been trying to save money but haven’t been successful, try some of the following simple and effective ways, which are quoted from RentoMojo.

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1. Monitor incoming and outgoing money

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When the monthly salary is disbursed, immediately monitor the incoming and outgoing money. Even though it’s tempting to spend your existing salary, you have to resist it and say “no”!

Record every salary that comes in and on the record make two categories, namely the fixed category and the variable category.

This fixed category contains various expenses that are needed every month such as renting a rent, paying electricity bills, shopping for basic necessities and so on that are necessary.

While the variable category contains expenses that are desire and not necessarily in a month you will incur these costs such as vacations, eating at luxury restaurants, shopping for clothes and others.

2. Create a budget

Simple and Effective Ways to Save Monthly Salary

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Make a budget so you can be wiser in using your salary. The budget in question, at least in one month’s salary you save 30% of it.

If when calculated 30% is not enough, try to think about paying more attention to what expenses should not be made.

3. Pay off debt

Simple and Effective Ways to Save Monthly Salary

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If you have a debt, pay it off immediately and don’t delay it. By delaying it, you will spend a lot of money on interest.

You can get the funds from the 5% savings. Paying off debt faster will also really help your life going forward.

But you should avoid debt, because it will be very detrimental to you especially with large interest.

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4. Prepare an emergency fund

Simple and Effective Ways to Save Monthly Salary

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After setting aside a small amount of funds to pay off debt from savings, then you need to prepare an emergency fund.

Now, you can get 5% of this emergency fund from your existing savings. The use of an emergency fund is that if at any time you are sick, or have an accident, you can use this emergency fund.

Of course, this emergency fund will really help you if you experience a bad financial situation.

5. Find extra income

Simple and Effective Ways to Save Monthly Salary

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Now is the time for people to have more than one job, you know! Yes, you can do that too.

Try some side jobs that will help you make extra money from work freelance work or by opening a business such as screen printing, catering or pastries.

As for work freelance work You can try on various sites that provide various job vacancies freelance work.

6. Investment

Simple and Effective Ways to Save Monthly Salary

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This investment is very important, you know, even though it requires a large enough capital but you can feel the benefits in the next few years.

Even when you retire later, the investment will be very useful for old age life and children’s education costs.

Especially now that there is also an investment with a capital of only Rp. 50 thousand, so it will definitely help you a lot, right?

Of course, saving your monthly salary is very beneficial for your life. The most important thing is not to spend all of your salary to buy things that are not important. Good luck trying some of the ways above!