5 Pilihan Menu Makanan Sehat yang Ramah di Kantong

In addition to exercising, a healthy lifestyle can of course be started by consuming healthy foods, where the composition of the food certainly contains and includes balanced nutrition and is certainly needed by the body. Thus, health and body immunity can be maintained.

However, does healthy food always have to be expensive? The answer is of course no, because healthy food can be made at home in a practical and affordable way.

In fact, by cooking your own healthy and nutritious food recipes, you can also save more on expenses and cleanliness will certainly be more awake.

Of course, by continuing to follow health guidelines, which are followed by pyramid symbols or healthy food plates.

Surely you are curious, what kind of food menu can be used as an alternative for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu? Come on, see the explanation below.

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1. Fried rice

(photo: unsplash / obi)

This food menu is certainly not foreign to you. Moreover, this food menu is always available in almost all eating places, such as in food stalls, restaurants, cafes to mobile rice sellers.

However, not all restaurants or fried rice sellers provide a healthy fried rice menu. The solution is definitely clear, you need to try cooking your healthy fried rice at home.

Basically the cooking pattern is the same as making fried rice in general. To add a healthy element, you can add several types of vegetables, such as peas, beans, mustard greens, carrots, and additional protein such as tofu or tempeh.

2. Vegetable soup

5 Healthy Food Menu Options that are Pocket Friendly

(photo: unsplash/lightscape)

This food menu will of course also be guaranteed to be healthy and full of balanced nutrition. This is because, this food menu is made of various types of vegetables and chicken meat.

This choice of vegetables consists of carrots, potatoes, beans, corn, leeks, cabbage. For addition, you can add chicken, tofu, and also mushrooms.

How to make this soup, of course, is no different from other soup menus, but the selection of food ingredients and nutritional content must still be the main concern.

For example, when you want to sauté onions, you can use olive oil, the consideration is that this oil contains a lot of monounsaturated fat and is rich in antioxidants that work to make the heart healthier.

3. Sandwiches

5 Healthy Food Menu Options that are Pocket Friendly

(photo: your unsplash/mae)

Food menus that come from European countries, you can make as one of the healthy menus that can be made at home.

Some of the nutritional and nutritional content of Sandwich, can make your activities more enthusiastic and full of energy.

Apart from being healthy and also, the menu sandwich it’s very easy to make. The capital is also very simple, you only need two slices of white bread, slices of tomato, lettuce, cucumber, sunny side up, mayonnaise, and don’t forget to add cheese.

For protein choices, you can use fish, sauce, and boiled eggs. If you are bored with the texture of white bread, you can bake the bread first, and then arrange all the ingredients to make a sandwich.

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4. Hodgepodge

5 Healthy Food Menu Options that are Pocket Friendly

(photo: unsplash / nielsen)

Gado-gado is also one of the healthy and frugal food menus, apart from the cheap price and of course the ingredients are very easy to get.

Gado-gado apart from being able to be found at restaurants, it is not uncommon for you to find gado-gado sellers who open their carts selling them on the side of the road. For those of you who are doubtful and afraid of cleanliness, you can make this food menu at home.

The way to make it is very easy, prepare several types of healthy vegetables such as bean sprouts, carrots, cabbage, kale, cucumber, lettuce, tofu, tempeh, and other vegetables that you feel are suitable for a gado-gado menu.

KThen, cut and boil all these ingredients, make sure you wash all the ingredients first. For the seasoning, you can get instant peanut sauce that is sold in minimarkets to supermarkets.

5. Fruit and vegetable salad

5 Pocket Friendly Healthy Food Menu Options

(photo: unsplash/tania)

To make a mixed fruit and vegetable salad, it’s not difficult, and actually very easy to make.

The ingredients that you can prepare are tomatoes, avocados where these ingredients contain lots of vitamins and unsaturated fats.

Tomatoes contain vitamins A, C, and lycopene, while avocados contain vitamin E, so a mixture of the two is good for your skin health. For those of you who are on a diet, this menu is perfect.

Those are five healthy and frugal food menus, which you can try at home. Happy living a healthy life.