5 Manfaat Nasi Barley, Pengganti Karbohidrat yang Cocok buat Diet –

Rice is still the most consumed type of carbohydrate by the people of Indonesia.

However, recently Indonesian people have started to switch to other types of carbohydrates which are considered healthier and suitable for dieting.

One carbohydrate that is on the rise is barley rice. In Indonesian, barley is commonly known as barley and is a type of cereal that is a member of the grain tribe (grass).

Having a chewy texture with a distinctive nutty taste, the taste of barley is more similar to brown rice. Regarding the processing method, generally barley rice is cooked by mixing it into soup.

Even so, barley can still be cooked just like cooking rice or oatmeal.

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1.Includes whole grains which are good sources of carbohydratesimprove digestion

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Barley is a type of grain that is rich in carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. No wonder barley rice has many health benefits.

One of the benefits that can be obtained from consuming barley is healthier digestion. Barley is known as one of the grains that are high in fiber, which is 15 grams of fiber in every 100 grams.

This fiber content is very useful for improving digestion and preventing constipation.

Even in a study conducted on a group of adult women, consuming barley can improve bowel function and stool volume.

Eating barley is also the same as supporting the growth of good bacteria in the gut because the fiber content of barley has prebiotic properties.

2. Can maintain ideal body weight

5 Benefits of Barley Rice, a Suitable Carbohydrate Substitute for Diet

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For most Indonesian people, it seems that they haven’t eaten their name if they haven’t eaten rice. Though the source of carbohydrates is not only rice.

Especially those who are still in the stage of a diet program and lose weight, barley can be the right choice of carbohydrates.

The reason is, the high fiber content in these grains can reduce hunger and increase feelings of fullness.

In addition, the beta-glucan or soluble fiber contained in barley functions to slow down digestion and absorption of nutrients.

3.Barley is also able to prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseaseanchor

5 Benefits of Barley Rice, a Suitable Carbohydrate Substitute for Diet

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Another healthy ingredient of barley is selenium, which is usually known to help prevent inflammation in the body.

Not only that, selenium also acts as an antioxidant or protects cells from free radical damage, because this damage often increases the risk of cancer.

Currently, a group of researchers are even studying barley as an ingredient in cancer treatment.

4.To prevent diabetes mellitus

5 Benefits of Carbohydrate Substitutes that are Suitable for Diet

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Compared to white rice which is one of the foods with the highest sugar content, barley has a relatively lower glucose content.

Barley or barley is known to be rich in magnesium and antioxidants where these two substances make barley have the benefit of lowering blood sugar levels and making the performance of the insulin hormone optimal.

To process it can be made soup, salad, boiled vegetables, or steamed like potatoes mixed with garlic.

5. Lowering cholesterol levels in the body

5 Benefits of Carbohydrate Substitutes that are Suitable for Diet

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Barley is also one of the foods recommended for consumption by people with cholesterol. This is certainly not without reason.

One of the other amazing benefits of high fiber and protein content in barley is that it can lower cholesterol levels in the body.

Moreover, basically barley is relatively low in fat. The fiber content in barley reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the body, so cholesterol levels in the patient’s body can decrease.

Those are five of the many health benefits of barley. There’s nothing wrong with trying to replace white rice at home with various sources of carbohydrates, one of which is barley.

Consumption of a variety of foods will make the body get more diverse health benefits as well.