5 Manfaat Clay Mask, Untuk Kulit Wajah yang Lebih Sehat

For women who are diligent in using skincare, you must be familiar with the name clay mask. Maybe some people already know it, but don’t know what its benefits are for facial skin.

One of the skin care products or skin care currently famous is clay mask or clay masks. Several studies have found that this mask is very effective in providing benefits for skin and hair.

It has been proven that clay has been used for centuries to improve skin and hair health.

The mineral-rich clay content is able to remove excess oil on the face. Many people use it to maintain and nourish facial skin.

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Can be useful for dealing with acne, blackheads, and black spots

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Kaolin content of clay mask can absorb fat (fatty substances) surface, toxins, bacteria, and viruses that can cause acne infections.

Kaolin can also absorb oily secretions and sloughed off dead skin cells.

Other benefits of kaolin are able to treat skin problems such as blackheads, black spots, and acne and it is recommended to mix kaolin with hot water.

Hot temperatures can increase sweat secretion and sebaceous (oil glands).

Acne is formed when our pores are clogged with dirt and oil in excess. clay mask has the potential to absorb oil from the skin, preventing the appearance of mild acne and blackheads.

However, for more severe acne, you should first consult a dermatologist to be given the best instructions.

To protect the skin from toxins and keep it clean

5 Benefits of Clay Mask, For Healthier Facial Skin

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clay mask able to protect the skin from toxins. Because the soil contains a negative electrical charge that can bind positively charged toxins so that the face remains healthy and awake.

Clay can also attract heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

Of course, daily facial skin for workers is often exposed to dust, pollution, and dirt on the road.

Daily cleansing coupled with the use of a clay mask several times a week can help keep the skin clean.

If the skin is forced to always look clean, it causes the skin to feel stiff, will feel dry and uncomfortable.

Clay masks must be chosen properly so that they can clean the facial skin gently and do not cause irritation. Eventually the skin will stay hydrated and feel smooth.

Opens pores and treats oily skin

5 Benefits of Clay Mask, For Healthier Facial Skin

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The problem of open pores is indeed a nuisance for some people.

As a result of the skin being exposed to the sun for too long, the production of skin collagen substances is reduced, the lower tissue of the upper layer of the skin expands, so the pores enlarge.

Aging is one of the most common causes for these large pores. Facial treatment using clay mask can help remove excess oil from the pores.

If we have oily skin, you should use it regularly once or twice a week to help deal with excess oil.

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Helps to moisturize the skin and brighten the skin

5 Benefits of Clay Mask, For Healthier Facial Skin

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In addition to helping treat oily skin, this one product can also moisturize dry skin, it is recommended to use red clay if our skin has low humidity.

Uneven skin tone occurs due to melanin production and liver toxicity. One way to lighten the skin is to minimize internal and external toxins.

This product works to absorb toxins and remove dead skin cells so that the skin can look brighter. For each person, the results may be different. Some need a little more time

Believed to be able to treat several skin problems at once

5 Benefits of Clay Mask, For Healthier Facial Skin

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A 2017 study provided information regarding clay content such as bentonite which has the potential to relieve symptoms of skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.

The use of bentonite to treat diaper rash has also been shown to be more effective than traditional calendula.

clay mask as a treatment for skin disorders as above there are no research studies, but most people claim that this product can help overcome these symptoms.

So, are you also used to using it?