5 Fakta Insomnia, Gangguan Tidur Berbahaya untuk Kesehatan

Have you ever had insomnia? Some people can have trouble sleeping. Normally, humans need about 8 hours of sleep.

Sleep is needed to rest the body and the organs in it after a day of activities.

But many people don’t have enough sleep because they intentionally stay up late or experience insomnia.

Actually what is meant by insomnia? Insomnia is a sleep disorder that generally affects a person which makes him unable to sleep well.

If it occurs continuously it will affect activity or even mental, difficult to concentrate, easily tired and often sleepy when doing work. Some of the facts will be discussed below

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Insomnia can be occurs because genetic factors inherited from parents

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Sleep disturbances can run in the same family. Research since 2008 has found that teens whose parents suffer from insomnia are also at higher risk of using sleeping pills and at risk for mental problems.

In another study in the journal SleepGenetic factors can trigger insomnia by making a person wake up frequently at night.

Various findings show that insomnia has characteristics such as genetic disease.

Genes that trigger insomnia are not just one but hundreds. This was found in a dataset involving more than 1.3 million people in the UK whose research results on the complete DNA set of respondents.

The results showed that there were 202 types of gene loci and 956 types of genes that were always found in insomniacs.

A gene locus is the position of a gene on a person’s chromosome. If the location is wrong, as a result a person can experience abnormalities or disease.

Sleeping pills or naps don’t always cure

5 Facts about Insomnia, Sleep Disorders are Dangerous for Health

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Researchers in a study published in the journal BMJ Open found that people who took prescribed sleeping pills were nearly five times more likely to die in the 2.5-year study than people who didn’t take sleeping pills.

Every drug, especially sleeping pills must have side effects. One of the risks of sleeping pills is the effect of dependence on the user.

Some sleeping pills can cure sleep disorders such as insomnia even if only temporarily, but can’t cure it.

Therefore, first consult the condition of the body to the doctor to find out a prescription drug that is suitable for each individual’s medical condition.

In addition to drugs, napping was once thought to replace the hours of sleep at night. Even though napping has a different effect for each person.

Some people may feel that a 15-minute nap will make the body feel more refreshed.

On the other hand, napping can also make it more difficult for a person to sleep at night. If we are tired and want to take a nap, try to sleep for 10-20 minutes before 3 pm.

Condition ‘tired of flying social’ also can be a cause of insomnia

5 Facts about Insomnia, Sleep Disorders are Dangerous for Health

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Have you ever had trouble getting up on a Monday morning? You may experiencetired of flying social, namely the habit of following a different sleep schedule on weekdays and weekends from people in general.

Cases of sleep disturbances like that usually only last for a while and will return to normal if the problems are resolved and our body adapts successfully.

If you don’t want to experience this, it’s better to set a regular sleep schedule.

Tired of flying women are also more vulnerable to social problems. It is revealed National Sleep Foundation.

Not sleeping at night and sleepy during the day are often associated with hormonal changes in a woman’s life such as pregnancy, menopause or the menstrual cycle.

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In the worst case, ssomeone can die because insomnia

5 Facts that Sleep Disorders Are Dangerous for Health

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Fatal familial insomnia is a rare genetic disease that prevents a person from falling asleep because it can eventually lead to death.

Experts have defined familial fatal as a disease caused by an abnormal protein that develops from a genetic mutation that affects brain function thereby causing memory loss.

In 1986, researchers reported the case of a 53-year-old man who suffered from sleep deprivation and only slept 2–3 hours per night in a New England Journal of Medicine.

months later, he could only sleep an hour each night and was often disturbed by vivid dreams.

After 3-6 months, he couldn’t sleep normally at all, resulting in severe fatigue, body tremors and difficulty breathing. After 8 months, he fell and eventually died.

More experienced by women due to several factors

5 Facts that Sleep Disorders Are Dangerous for Health

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If we often experience insomnia, we must be alert and more careful because it will cause death. Lack of sleep makes sufferers feel weak, shaky, and have difficulty breathing.

Indeed, the risk of death has occurred in men, but it turns out that according to National Sleep Foundation More than 65% of women have trouble sleeping several nights each week.

Levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone are considered to be the main factors that affect women’s sleep conditions. Mood disorders can also trigger sleep disorders, including anxiety and depression.

Because insomnia is very dangerous, we should all need to maintain quality sleep every day.