5 Ciri Pasangan Kamu Sedang Selingkuh, Jadi Protektif & Lebih Emosi

Infidelity is one of the more challenging issues to deal with in a relationship. This can happen to anyone.

Some can finish it without any great struggle. However, there are also those that result in violence to the loss of life.

You must be hoping this doesn’t happen to you. Yes, we hope so too. However, if you feel like you’ve been the victim of an affair, it’s a good idea to make sure of that.

The signs of cheating can look different in every relationship. You need to know the changes in behavior or traits of behavior that lead to it. Here are the signs.

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1. Very protective of his cell phone or laptop

(photo: unsplash/william)

Cheating people tend to use their phones and laptops more often than ever before. They also maintain the impression as if there is a lot of work to be done there.

If your partner’s cell phone and laptop keep changing their passwords, it seems suspicious. Another odd thing is if your partner suddenly starts deleting history (history) browser on their laptops every day, that too is suspect.

If you suspect your partner because he never lets go of his phone even when he goes to the toilet, it’s probably understandable. Because we know what the needs of human interaction and cell phones are.

However, if you ask to borrow the cellphone, even just to order food with the app on lineand they said no, something was wrong there.

2. Changing emotional changes

5 Characteristics of Cheating Couples You Must Know

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If your partner is hiding something, he or she may not be hiding it well. Well, this can be known from the characteristics of his emotions.

Caleb Backe, Health and Wellness Expert at Maple Holistics, told Bustle magazine that unexplained mood swings can be a sign of cheating.

Your partner suddenly blames you for something you did. Then he says everything you do is untrue, it could be a sign that he is hiding a secret. This is a manipulation tactic that tries to make you look like a bad person.

It is important to note that it could be such a change in emotions because he may have had a bad day. However, if you can’t figure out the reason behind his sudden change in emotions, then maybe it’s time to start thinking.

3. He’s getting more and more attention

5 Characteristics of Cheating Couples You Must Know

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If he pays a lot of attention to you suddenly and for no reason. Maybe there’s something wrong with it. It could be that he’s doing this because maybe he’s trying to atone for the inappropriate actions behind your back.

Suddenly he became romantic. He turned out to be cuter than usual. And you realize that your birthday is still a long way off, so you think it’s a strange change in behavior.

Tracey Phillips, told Bustle, that when your partner starts calling you more than usual, it’s a sign.

“What they’re really doing is checking your whereabouts to make sure you can’t catch them red-handed.”

In other words his attention is a way to keep your head from thinking about the affair.

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4. The appearance is different

5 Characteristics of Cheating Couples You Must Know

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How do you find one one day, more fragrant, neat, stylish than usual? Of course you will wonder right?

If it’s for a reason to look good in front of you. No problem with that. But if he did that to attract the attention of others. Act immediately.

According to Dr. Phillips in Bustle magazine, “If your partner comes home and takes a shower, they may wash away any evidence of cheating.”

5. Difficult to contact

5 Characteristics of Cheating Couples You Must Know

(photo: unsplash/anthony)

Couples who have been together for a long time tend to know each other’s schedules. Well, if he’s not where he’s supposed to be, or if he’s not doing what he tells you to, maybe it’s time to sit down and ask him what’s going on.

When people cheat about their existence or make excuses as to why plans have changed, these are bad signs. And when you find it difficult or unable to contact the cell phone. Maybe it was on purpose.

According to Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D. in Oprah Magazine: “The most interesting aspect of her day probably has to do with their new temptation.

It can be more devastating than a sexual affair because it implies the intimacy of everyday life is now being shared with someone new.”

Well, those are five characteristics that you can catch and help to convince whether your partner is cheating on you or not.

However, still don’t play assumptions, communicate all feelings and it can help your relationship get better.