5 Cara Merawat Sepatu Bahan Suede, Bikin Awet dan Tahan Lama

One of the most widely used materials for bags, shoes and boots is suede. Therefore, for those of you who really pay attention to ingredients, of course you are already familiar with suede.

Many people like shoes with materials suedebut sadly not easy you know care for shoes from this material.

Because suede become one of the ingredients that can be said to be “fragile”. Especially when it’s humid because the rainy season comes, therefore it can be a separate “PR” for those of you who have shoes with materials suede.

But don’t worry, here you will find out how to take care of shoes from materials suede.

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1. Special brush

(photo credit: pixabay/jamesdemers)

Every shoe certainly cannot be separated from dirt, right. Well, to remove dirt on shoes, you need a brush.

The choice of brush should not be arbitrary, because it must be a brush with soft bristles so that when cleaning shoes suede not broken.

Brush the dirty part of the shoe in one direction and avoid brushing that is too rough because it can damage the material.

2. nail support instead of a special brush

6 Ways to Take Care of Suede Shoes, Guaranteed to be Durable and Long Lasting!

(photo credit: pexels/freestocksorg)

What if there is no special brush for cleaning shoes? Don’t worry, you can take advantage nail support.

Usually nail support This is owned by every girl to maintain the beauty of her fingernails and toenails. And now you can take advantage of nail support instead of a shoe brush.

nail support going to clean the shoes suede you more gently, of course, still with a one-way movement, yes.

After that, see that your shoes will be much cleaner and shiny too!

3. Remove oil stains

6 Ways to Take Care of Suede Shoes, Guaranteed to be Durable and Long Lasting!

(photo: unsplash/howtogym)

Just a speck of stain can make the shoe look less attractive. Dark stains on brightly colored shoes or light stains on dark shoes can be annoying.

One of the most difficult stains to remove is oil stain. Even because it’s too difficult to remove, it can be done you know You don’t use shoes that have been stained with oil because they really interfere with your appearance.

You can really remove certain stains, one of which is oil stains by using cornstarch (corn flour).

You just need to put a bit of thick cornstarch on the part of the shoe that has the stain. After that, let stand for 1 hour so that the flour absorbs the oil stains.

And if it’s been an hour, you can clean it by brushing the shoes gently.

Apart from shoes suedeYou can also try this method to treat oil stains on clothes with cotton.

But keep in mind, even though dish soap can also remove oil stains on materials suede but can damage the material.

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4. Don’t use water

How to care Don't use water

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There are still many people who clean shoes suede with water, which is a big mistake. Why is that? Because the water will fade the color of the shoes.

So don’t be surprised if you clean your shoes with water, the color of the shoes will fade.

5. Protective spray

6 Ways to Treat with Protective Spray

(photo credit: pixabay/squrrelphotos)

Shoe protective spray is already widely sold in shoe stores with various prices.

This spray will protect the material of your shoes, but it can also protect the shoes from stains that can stick. You only need to spray a few tips onto the shoe material suede before using it.

Now you know how to take care of shoes suede to be durable and long lasting.

So that the shoes are more durable, you should avoid using shoes when it rains or there are lots of puddles of water.