5 Cara Mengatasi Anxiety Disorder, Dijamin Ampuh

Everyone must have experienced anxiety. But if anxiety is felt to be excessive and lasts for a long time, then it can be called anxiety disorder.

Many people do not realize that he is experiencing anxiety disorder. It is considered to have just normal anxiety.

In fact, if anxiety lasts for weeks or even months, the consequences will be very fatal.

Anxiety disorders can make a person difficult to sleep, difficult to concentrate, restless, nervous, fast heart rate, shortness of breath, the emergence of a feeling like being overwritten by danger, the body is weak and cannot do activities properly.

If you experience anxiety disorder can try the following 5 ways to solve it.

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1. Don’t blame yourself

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Feeling annoyed with yourself is definitely experienced when you experience anxiety disorder. This is natural because you feel anxious constantly.

Anxiety also has a positive side because you can be more alert in dealing with something so that it makes you more prepared.

Anxiety comes naturally from within everyone. You are not alone because you are not the only one experiencing anxiety, therefore you must understand that the anxiety you are experiencing is not your fault.

2. Quieter

Danger If Left Left!  5 Ways to Overcome Anxiety Disorder, Guaranteed to be Effective

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Anxiety should not just be left alone, but must be overcome in a positive way and do not rush.

Avoid forcing yourself to fight anxiety because it will only make it harder for you to let go of the anxiety.

The trick is to be someone who is more calm and positive. If you are more calm and positive, of course, gradually excess anxiety can be reduced.

3. Give a positive concept

Danger If Left Left!  5 Ways to Overcome Anxiety Disorder, Guaranteed to be Effective

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The next way is to provide a positive concept. You can start when you wake up and tell yourself that today will be fine and all work is going well.

After that, do various activities according to your wishes and of course you can finish well.

Give a positive concept starting from work, family, your relationship with your partner and friends.

This method can be said to be very powerful to overcome anxiety disorder what you experienced.

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4. Learn to love yourself

Danger If Left Left!  5 Ways to Overcome Anxiety Diseases, Guaranteed to be Effective

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You have to love yourself before you love anyone else. This is done so that you can feel happier and can respect yourself.

It looks simplebut believe me this method will be very effective to overcome anxiety disorder.

In addition, loving yourself can also reduce the risk of depression, overly perfectionism, and even anxiety.

You can learn to love yourself, one of them is by motivating yourself every morning, writing down the various advantages that you have, and you can also watch or read books with the theme. self love.

5. Take care of yourself

Danger If Left Left!  5 Ways to Overcome Anxiety Diseases, Guaranteed to be Effective

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How can by taking care of yourself can overcome anxiety disorder? Of course you can, because you will know what your body needs and what it doesn’t need.

For example, you work late at night and actually your body is very tired but you force it to continue working, even though this is not very good for you.

To take care of yourself, you can also do various beauty treatments such as going to a salon or by eating various foods that you like, but keep in mind that you should consume them within reasonable limits.

You can do the above methods if you anxiety disorder still light. If it’s heavy, try to visit a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Good luck trying the methods above, hope it helps!