5 Buah Ini Membuat Kulit Mulus, Sehat dan Bebas Jerawat

Smooth, healthy and acne-free skin is definitely a dream for everyone, be it a girl or a boy.

Skin health must always be maintained so that the skin is free from problems. Apart from using skin care You also need to eat a variety of healthy foods that are good for the skin.

What’s the food? Well, here are 8 fruits that can make skin smooth, healthy and free from acne.

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1. Avocado

(photo credit: pixabay/gerdukes)

Avocados are rich in beneficial fats such as unsaturated fats. And these fats are indeed very good for the health of your body, including the skin.

Useful fats will make the skin more moisturized and elastic. As is known, even though oily and acne-prone skin still needs adequate moisture.

Maybe you have also seen that many people use avocado as a face mask because of the many benefits.

You can also make a face mask from this avocado. The trick is to prepare enough avocado, puree and apply to the face. Wait a few moments and rinse your face until clean.

2. Tomato

These 5 Fruits Make Skin Smooth, Healthy and Acne Free!

(photo: unsplash / jma1053)

Tomatoes are high in vitamin C, the antioxidants in them are also very good for your body and skin health.

Carotenoids contained in tomatoes are very good for maintaining healthy skin and preventing acne.

You can apply tomato slices directly to the face with acne, let stand for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

3. Lemons

These 5 Fruits Make Skin Smooth, Healthy and Acne Free!

(photo: unsplash/mkhaliqi)

It is common knowledge that lemon is one of the fruits that can make skin smoother, healthier and free of acne.

Lemon is one of the fruits that contain high vitamin C so that it can brighten the skin from the inside.

Besides being able to brighten the skin, lemon water is also very good for maintaining a healthy body so that it is not susceptible to disease.

You can apply lemon directly to your facial skin, and you can also drink warm lemon water every morning to detox your body.

Keep in mind, the use of lemon on the skin will make the skin more sensitive to sunlight, so don’t forget to always use it sunscreen Yes.

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4. Dark chocolate

These 5 Fruits Make Skin Smooth, Healthy and Acne Free!

(photo: pixabay/gate74)

Chocolate is not only loved because of its sweet taste and enticing aroma. Because chocolate is also beneficial for the skin.

Acne can also appear on dry skin, so you can use dark chocolate to treat various skin problems and make your skin smoother and healthier.

Research shows that after consuming cocoa powder for 6 to 12 weeks, it will make the skin much more moisturized, smoother, and reduce sensitive skin due to excess sunlight.

Dark chocolate also contains high antioxidants so it can ward off free radicals.

5. Paprika

These 5 Fruits Make Skin Smooth, Healthy and Acne Free!

(photo: unsplash / littleklein)

Although many people think that paprika is a vegetable, it is actually a fruit.

Peppers contain vitamin A and vitamin C which act as collagen creators in the skin so that the skin is healthier, younger, firmer and free from other skin problems.

So, try it from now on to put paprika in list fruit that you should consume regularly.

In addition to consuming the above fruits, for smooth, healthy and acne-free skin, it is necessary to consume enough water, be diligent in exercising and avoid stress.

The fruits above should also be consumed regularly for maximum results.