4 Hal Akan Kamu Alami Jika Menikah Tanpa Cinta

Marriage is supposed to be based on love from both parties. Well, in the past, marriages could have happened because of the desire of parents to match their children to someone they had chosen.

Unfortunately, even today, there are still marriages that occur without being based on love.

There are many things that can cause a person to be forced to marry without love. Such as arranged marriages or forced because of the mature age to get married.

For those of you who are currently in a pressed position to get married even though you don’t love him, you should first read 4 things that will happen if you get married without love, some of which are quoted from Divorce Magazine.

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1. Pretending for the sake of the child

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Many married couples choose to keep their marriages because they want to see their children happy. Even though they themselves are not happy with the marriage.

Even though they survive in a marriage without love, children will feel that there is something different that they feel. This happens because the feelings of a child are more sensitive.

Moreover, constant fighting will certainly be very bad for the child’s mentality. And instead of being happy, children will feel the opposite because they do not feel the love and affection between their parents.

2. Unhappy marriage

Turns out these are 4 things that will happen if you get married without love!

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Humans mostly remember good things as well as bad things. Especially when you marry someone you don’t love, then you can be sure that you only think about bad things.

Even though there are various important and happy memories that you have passed together with your partner.

Not only that, trivial problems or even small mistakes will greatly change your household situation. Because it is not based on love, domestic life will not be happy either.

Not to mention there are so many bad or sad things that you always think about and will certainly worsen the condition of your marriage and the he. Don’t let that happen! Now start thinking more positively.

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3. So many temptations

Turns out these are 4 things that will happen if you get married without love!

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Even a harmonious marriage can be tenuous because of temptation. Especially if a marriage that has been built from the start without love, there will certainly be more temptations from outside.

Marriage will be very threatened because one of you finds someone you really love. It could be an ex-boyfriend or a new person who really feels right.

If this happens, it is to be expected that one of you will leave this relationship and move on to someone else.

4. Always feel scared

Turns out these are 4 things that will happen if you get married without love!

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Fear can come to anyone and at any time. You will feel afraid in running the household, afraid of your partner, afraid of the activities you carry out daily and so on.

And the most afraid is the fear of having chosen the worst choice in life, because of marrying someone who is not loved.

This fear will certainly continue to haunt you as long as you live a marriage without love. Instead of always feeling afraid, try to think more positively and enjoy your life.

Those are some of the impacts that may occur when you decide to get married without love. We recommend that before deciding to get married, first identify your partner.

But if you are already married, try to talk about it nicely to find the right solution.