3 Tahapan Mudah Buat Hand Sanitizer, Orang Awam Pasti Bisa

The COVID-19 outbreak is currently spreading. The public also does not want to be left behind in terms of self-prevention against this epidemic.

They are ready to spend a lot of money just to buy protective equipment such as gloves, masks, and so on hand sanitizer.

But unfortunately, not everyone can afford these items. In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak that is still spreading to this day, the price of these items has certainly skyrocketed, especially hand sanitizer.

Well, for those of you who object to the price of hand-sanitizer on the market. Come on, try to make it yourself hand sanitizer of the steps below. Curious? Keep scrolling, guys!

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1. Prepare materials and items

(photo: people-mind)

The first step you have to do to make a hand-sanitizer is to prepare some materials and items. The materials and goods consist of 70% alcohol, aloe vera gel, essential oil, measuring cups, spoons, and spray bottles.

2. Mix all the ingredients

3 Easy Steps to Make Hand Sanitizer, Common People Can Do It!

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After all the ingredients and goods are ready. Now, it’s time to mix all the ingredients. First, pour 70% alcohol and aloe vera gel into a measuring cup. Then, stir the ingredients for 10 minutes.

3. Pour into a spray bottle

3 Easy Steps to Make Hand Sanitizer, Common People Can Do It!

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After all the ingredients have been mixed, drop the essential oil into the mixture of ingredients. The essential oil here serves to give a fragrant aroma to the hand-sanitizer that you make.

Next, you just need to pour all the finished ingredients into a spray bottle. Finally, the hand-sanitizer is ready to use.

How, easy isn’t it? So, now there’s no reason not to take care of your health, guys. With only cheap items, you can make your own hand-sanitizer in a simple way.