3 Bahaya Tidur Dekat dengan Ponsel yang Menyala, Resiko Kebakaran & Radiasi

It has become a trend, especially for young people, to place the phone very close to them while sleeping.

The position under the pillow seems to be the ideal place for them, so they can easily reach their phone when it rings.

However, what many people don’t know is that sleeping with your phone too close to you can be harmful to your health.

Smartphones have been shown to emit harmful radiation that causes changes in self-control systems, such as the human biological clock or heart rhythm.

Another impact of putting the cell phone near us while sleeping is causing nightmares, difficulty falling asleep (insomnia), waking up several times during the night, etc. The worst risk is that it can damage the brain.

In addition, sleeping with your phone near you can impair bodily functions and tend to limit the production of some important hormones your body needs for your daily routine.

As the World Health Organization (WHO) points out: Electronic devices, in general, are bad for the body because they produce harmful effects that can increase the risk of getting cancer.

To validate this claim, an Australian study has shown that there is an important link between cell phone use and infertility in men, as well as decreased sperm quality.

Here are some of the health implications of placing your phone very close to you when you sleep.

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1. Risk of burning your bed

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A large number of mobile phone users are so attached to their phones that they even sleep under their pillows. The result of this habit has led to incidents of pillow burns.

Remember the incident where a teenager from Texas woke up smelling a burning smell in July 2014. His sheets and mattress were scorched by his Samsung Galaxy S4, which was under his pillow at that time.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose “airplane mode” while you sleep. This is useful for turning off the receiving system (transmitter) on the phone. Better yet, turn off your phone completely.

Cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation whenever they are active. Most battery devices displays a message/advice that there is a risk of causing a fire if the phone is kept under a blanket.

Therefore, it is recommended to turn off the phone completely for your own safety.

2. Radiation is harmful to your health

Watch out!  This is the Danger of Cell Phones Turning On When We Sleep

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In general, cell phones emit radiation because the transmission signal is around 900 MHz. Therefore, placing the phone close to the head for a long time can cause headaches, muscle aches, and other complicated health problems.

Although people have certain reasons for putting their cellphones near them when sleeping, however, it’s better for us to choose to avoid it than regret it later.

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3. Makes you unable to sleep

Watch out!  This is the Danger of Cell Phones Turning On When We Sleep

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LED screens, found in phones, tablets, TVs, and other devices, emit blue light (blue light). A study that blue light can inhibit the production of the hormone melatonin which stimulates sleep and disrupts our body’s biological rhythms.

Blue light is thought to emit waves similar to daylight, which can trick our bodies into thinking it’s daytime, at any time.

Therefore, it is recommended to turn off all electronics two hours before going to bed. If possible, keep your phone and laptop in another room when you go to sleep.

Even though in this day and age it is difficult for people to get away from their cellphones anywhere, at least start the habit starting from yourself.