10 Tips Self Healing, Agar Hati Lebih Tenang

In recent years, more and more people have realized the importance of mental health. One way to treat mental health is to self healing.

Self healing is a self-healing process from all kinds of inner wounds that disturb his emotional stability.

This method is important to be able to solve various problems that are heavy or that have been stuck for a long time.

Indeed, everyone has problems, but not all of them do mental healing as well as physical ailments.

There are some problems that you can solve on your own, but there are also some that need the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist.

So what are the self-healing tips that we can do?

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1. Take a moment my time

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Not just being alone, but me time is important to restore one’s energy after activities outside. Whatever the conditions outside, we can give ourselves time.

Do not let because we are too busy to look good in the eyes of many people, to forget our own happiness.

It’s not selfish, but me time is also important so that the performance will be even more optimal when you return to activities.

2. Don’t push yourself

10 Self Healing Tips, To Make Your Heart Calm

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Maybe we often try to maximize in many ways. Even so, we often force ourselves to do something we don’t need.

So, try to talk and listen to yourself without being judgmental. Try to be honest with yourself about what is really needed right now.

3. Make peace with all conditions

10 Self Healing Tips, To Make Your Heart Calm

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Maybe yesterday some bad events had happened and made an imprint on the heart. Humanly, everyone has various emotions.

There are times when negative emotions arise, even though on the other hand you have to look good. Especially when we have outside responsibilities.

What can be done is trying to make peace with all circumstances, even though the process cannot be fast. There is no need to waste energy blaming circumstances.

4. Get used to it attention

10 Self Healing Tips, To Make Your Heart Calm

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Simply, attention is focused and fully aware of the conditions in front of the eyes.

Instead of thinking about the past or what hasn’t happened, it’s better to focus your thoughts and feelings on those who are closest and within your reach.

Mindfulness can be a way to experience a more meaningful life.

5. Don’t waste time with regrets

10 Self Healing Tips, To Make Your Heart Calm

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Everyone must have experienced conditions that were not good or even full of regret because of mistakes. Others don’t even know how to fix it.

How self healing regretful moment? Actually there is no problem with regret, it is a sign that there is an intention to improve.

Give yourself time to recover and don’t waste time regretting the past.

5. Turn problems into a source of strength

10 Self Healing Tips, To Make Your Heart Calm

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The problems encountered are often disturbing. If you could choose, you might prefer to be fine without any major problems.

Despite the fact that such a life does not exist, because we also need problems so that we can be stronger and wiser in dealing with things.