10 Tanda Clingy dalam Hubungan, Bisa Ngambek Karena Hal Kecil

In the romantic relationship between husband and wife towards relatives there are traits and attitudes that are sometimes disturbing.

One of which is depends which can be interpreted as attachment, the nature or attitude of a person who always depends on others. People like this usually can not walk alone and always want to be accompanied.

As a result, this trait can make other people uncomfortable. Especially if you have a partner who has this trait, it can disrupt the harmony of the relationship.

To get to know him better, here are 10 characteristics depends especially relationships with lovers or husband and wife. If you see the symptoms, it’s better to fix it together.

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1. Communication is the key to a relationship, but being too demanding is not healthy either. Especially if you get angry or suspicious

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2. Always wanting to be together at any time is also not good. There are times when someone also wants to hang out with work friends or college friends

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3. There are times when you feel jealous of coworkers. If you start to feel this, it’s better to talk, but don’t get angry, okay?

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4. Excessive anxiety when not receiving news or not replying to messages. It’s really annoying if he just disappears, but don’t think negatively first okay?

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5. Just want to be with a partner is fun. But for the sake of a more balanced life, try spending time with family or colleagues

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6. Asking like interrogating even on small things. Just a reminder that your partner is not a suspect, so it’s only natural to ask, okay?

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7. Minor problems can become big. For example only Like photos of friends, but can be an excuse to sulk all day. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean love

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8. Always curious about his activities, maybe it’s a natural thing as long as it’s not excessive. But if you check social media, it can break trust

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9. Just focusing on his happiness isn’t necessarily good either. Sometimes you also have to focus on your happiness, there’s nothing wrong with compromising

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10. The time you have is only used to think about your partner. So forget that there is a lot of time that can be done for hobbies, family, and friends

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If you feel these characteristics are in you, it’s better to immediately improve yourself. Clingy nature and attitude can be a parasite for your relationship.