10 Manfaat Minyak Kelapa, dari Kulit hingga Rambut

Coconut is known as a fruit that has many benefits. Especially if it has been processed from coconut seeds into coconut oil.

Not only for cooking, if left at room temperature and solidified, it can be used for various needs, especially beauty.

Coconut oil can be an alternative to beauty and health care products.

This oil can be used for hair oil to smooth the skin so that the skin becomes healthier.

Even without the addition of chemicals, coconut oil can still beautify your appearance.

To better understand the benefits, here are some of the benefits of coconut oil. For body care from skin to hair care.

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1. If you don’t want to use chemicals for lighting, you can also use coconut oil mixed with flavoring extracts

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2. Mix with brown sugar and honey to make a lip scrub, it contains vitamins for healthier lips

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3. As for getting rid of stretch marks, try mixing it with cocoa butter and essential oils

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4. Shoes can look shiny with this eco-friendly product, just dab a little to polish

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5. By mixing with witch hazel, baby mild castile soap and water can be a natural makeup brush cleaner

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6. Can be used as a skin moisturizer, so that the aroma is more pleasant, you can add lavender essential oil

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7. Use it as a hair mask because it is good for hair growth and feels smoother

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8. As for cooking, it can be used as a substitute for butter. Although it’s best not for cakes, it’s more suitable as a substitute for butter rice

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9. Suitable for maintaining healthy nails, its properties are to moisturize the nail bed and can strengthen cuticles

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10. Natural and without chemicals, toothpaste can be made by mixing coconut oil with baking soda, xylitol and essential oils

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The benefits of coconut oil are no longer in doubt, from cooking to hair and skin beauty. Don’t hesitate to use this natural ingredient.