10 Manfaat Lain Sabun Batang, Gak Cuma untuk Badan

Every house must have soap to clean themselves. There are those who choose liquid soap because it is practical, but there are also those who choose bar soap.

Where is the oval-shaped bar of soap that fits in the palm of the hand. This soap is also not less fragrant than liquid soap.

In addition to bathing, it turns out that bar soap can also have other benefits. Moreover, coupled with a variety of aromas, this soap can be used for many things.

For example, for shoe fragrances to be able to eradicate pests that are around plants.

With many benefits, there’s nothing wrong with stocking soap at home from now on. So that when needed, bar soap is always at home.

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1. The solution for drawers or sliding doors that are difficult to open is to rub on the slidingnya, so it’s easy

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2. By rubbing soap and then wiping with a dry cloth, it can prevent the mirror or glasses from fogging up, you know

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3. Prevent damage furniture by rubbing it on the part that is usually bitten by pets

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(photo: vetstreet)

4. So that the plants are not eaten by wild animals, try hanging them or coarsely grate them and sprinkle them around the plants

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5. Like drawers and sliding doors, rubbing a little can make it easier to unzip pants

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6. When buying new furniture, it’s often difficult to put screws in wood, try rubbing a little soap to make it easier

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7. Not only sliding doors, ordinary doors also often squeak when opening or closing them. Rub on the hinge to fix it

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(photo: walls and floor)

8. You can make your own laundry detergent, by adding washing soda, borax, and baking soda with the right amount

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(photo: homestolove)

9. Smelly shoes smell good again, the only way is to put them on the inside of the shoes overnight

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(photo: norgallery/Depositphotos)

10. Can be used as a mosquito bite medicine, how to give a little water and then apply a little on the bump so it doesn’t itch anymore

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Did you really think that bar soap could have thousands of benefits? Even though it doesn’t look modern, the benefits are felt until now.