10 Manfaat Lain dari Olive Oil, Gak Cuma untuk Masak

Olive oil or olive oil is one of the ingredients that are often encountered when cooking. Derived from the olive tree, this oil is often used in salads, frying and other dishes.

Not only cooking, it turns out that the nutritional content can be beneficial for health to beauty.

But don’t be surprised if it turns out that not only health and beauty, this oil is also useful for household needs.

Olive oil can prevent mosquitoes, brighten ingredients stainless steel, until good to delete grooming. With these benefits, there is no doubt that olive oil has a myriad of benefits.

To feel the benefits, olive oil can be put in a bottle. That way, if you want to use it, you can just spray it directly.

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1. When cleaning wooden utensils, try to give a little oil and leave it for 5 minutes before cleaning. Can nourish the wood so it is not easy to change color or crack

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2. Apply a small amount on the utensil made of stainless steel, such as pots and sinks to keep them shining and resist corrosion

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3. An old ring that can’t be removed? Relax, can be overcome with this material. You just need to apply it on your finger and then slowly release it

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4. Leather, imitation or rubber shoes shine again, the trick is to rub the cloth with a little oil

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5. For the beauty part, it can soften the skin and be a natural lubricant for dry skin

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6. Not only good for the skin, but also can soften dry, unruly hair, bye-bye frizzy hair

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7. Without chemicals, thick makeup can be lost instantly. Even the mascara that sticks to the eyelashes

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8. It could also be a solution for door hinges that often squeak, just a few drops. Can be used for cupboards and other parts of the house

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9. To prevent mosquitoes from continuing to breed, pour a little oil on a barrel full of water

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10. Not only for humans, this oil can also fertilize plants, especially palms and ferns by adding a few tablespoons regularly

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By knowing the 10 benefits of olive oil, don’t hesitate to buy and store it at home. If you need it, just take it, you don’t have to look anymore.